Jun Yong Park Submits Albert Duraev In 2nd Round At UFC On ESPN 49

Jun Yong Park stayed patient behind the jab against an aggressive Albert Duraev tonight at UFC On ESPN 49 and then flipped the switch and poured on the pressure late in the second round to drop his opponent and then sink in a rear-naked choke finish.

Round One:

Leg kick for Duraev. Jab for Park. More jabs from Park and a single right hand behind it. Low kick for park now. Duraev steps into a big hook.

Now a body punch from Duraev and a low kick. Calf kick from Park. Now a jab. More jab work and another low kick. Uppercut in response from Duraev. leg kick from him is checked by Park.

Body punch and a right hand upstairs from Duraev and that backs Park up for a moment. Kicks exchanged and a hook from Duraev.

Left hooks from Duraev, jabs from Park and then a hard punch from Duraev. Duraev the more aggressive with his strikes, while Park is dedicated to his jab.

Duraev with a punch over Park’s jab that lands. More jabs from Park and winging hooks in response from Duraev.

Park catches a leg kick and works for a takedown without success. In close Park hops onto him working for a guillotine choke. He drops to the mat with it and is cranking hard to try to get a finish before the round ends. Duraev able to defend enough to survive though and gives the ref a thumbs up in the final seconds.

Round Two:

Left hand for Duraev. Jabs from Park. Ripping punch to the body for Duraev. Missed leg kick for Duraev. Calf kick for him now.

Duraev drives into a takedown and lands it close to the cage. Park scrambling straight away and is almost up, but Duraev pulls his legs out from under him again. Park back to a knee and still attempting to stand, but again Duraev prevents it.

Park won’t be denied though and gets up at the third attempt. Park pumps out the jab. Right hand from Duraev connects.

Jabs and a right hand from Park. Duraev connects with a punch. Park unleases a flurry of left and right hands and Duraev is starting to wilt against the cage here. Duraev throws a punch back, but misses. Park with another flurry and sinks him to the canvas with a punch.

Park working on the mat now. He gets his back and sinks in a rear-naked coke. Duraev hanging in there in a tough spot. Park adjusts position and is working for the choke again. Good defense from Duraev. Again Park adjusts then goes for the choke and this time he’s got it locked up and forces Duraev to submit at 4.45mins of the 2nd round.

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