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Junior dos Santos TKO’s Tai Tuivasa In The Second Round At UFC Fight Night 142

Junior dos Santos survived Tai Tuivasa’s aggressive onslaughts tonight at UFC Fight Night 142 and then made him pay with more clinical boxing to put him on the mat in the second round and then finish him by TKO with strikes on the mat.

Round One:

Leg kick for Tuivasa to start. Tuivasa comes charges forward with punches but stumbles as he does so. They reset and it’s not long before Tuivasa again presses forward with punches, landing but again falling into the cage afterwards.

Kick for JDS. Now a body punch. Tuivasa into the clinch against the cage. Spinning body kick for JDS. Tuivasa doubles up on the jab and then tries for a leg kick.

Dos Santos flicking the jab out on the outside. Left hand for Tuisava, but JDS lands a right hand counter at the same time.

Body punch for JDS. Spinning kick for the Brazilian that just grazes over the Aussie’s head. JDS overextends on a punch, but it’s Tuivasa who ends up stumbling.

Low leg kick for JDS. Well timed uppercut from Dos Santos. Huge leg kick for Tuivasa and JDS is immediately hobbling on that leg as the result of that. Tuivasa wades into the clinch and lands strikes.

Tuivasa backs up and then comes in again with a hard punch to the face of the former champion as the round ends.

Round Two:

JDS working the jab. Four-piece combo from Tuivasa backs up JDS. Another salvo from Tuivasa, fearless in attack. Hard leg kick from Tuivasa is checked. JDS with a leg kick.

Jab lands for Dos Santos. Tuivasa with a body punch and then into the clinch. JDS shoves him away.

Solid right hand lands for JDS. Tuivasa very aggressive, but he’s getting caught on the way in now as Dos Santos times his counters well, and a series of strikes land, with a hook and then another punch behind it finally putting the hard-headed Tuivasa down.

JDS follows him to the mat and lands ground and pound. Tuivasa surviving for now, but then JDS moves to full mount and starts blugeoning his opponent with big punches.

Tuivasa trying to punch from his back, but that’s not going to put off Dos Santos to continues to drop bombs until the referee jumps in to save the Aussie from further punishment to hand JDS a TKO Victory at 2.30mins of the second round.

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