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Justin Willis Frustrates Mark Hunt To Claim Decision Victory At UFC Fight Night 142

Mark Hunt was unable to mark his final UFC fight with a win tonight at UFC Fight Night 142, with Justin Willis outstriking him over three rounds to a claim a unanimous decision victory.

Round One:

Hunt with fakes to start. Body kick from Willis. Hard leg kick for Hunt. Winging punch from Willis whistles over Hunt’s head.

Leg kick again from Hunt, whose shin has already started bleeding from an earlier strike. Another big leg kick for Hunt, but Willis counters with a punch to the head.

inside leg kick for Hunt. Now one to the body. Punch for Hunt and then ducks under a counter hook from Willis.

Leg kick connects again for Hunt. Willis throwing the occasional bomb, but Hunt is keeping out of reach for now. Body punch from Hunt.

Right hand lands for Hunt. Front kick to the body from Willis. Body kick for Hunt now. Right hand scores for Hunt and Willis threatens with a spinning backfist that misses. Jab for Willis. Right hand from Hunt. Jab for Willis again.

Round Two:

Jab for Willis. Now a leg kick for him. Left hand whizzing past Hunt’s head. Leg kick from Wilis. Body punch from Hunt. Another one to the body from Hunt as Willis flicks him with the jab.

Again Willis lands the jab cleanly. He connects again, using his large reach advantage. Solid straight left for Willis. left hand from Hunt.

Good jab again from Willis. He keeps moving and sticking out the jab. Now a couple of leg kicks from him without too much behind them.

inside leg kick from Hunt. Body punch from Hunt but he loses his mouthpiece while doing so and there’s a stoppage so he can get it back in.

Jab and a left hand for Willis. Now another left. Hunt stalking looking for a big punch, but Willis keeps him at bay with footwork and that jab.

Round Three:

Likely the final round of Hunt’s UFC career. He lands a body kick. left hand from Willis. Two jabs connect from Willis. He goes upstairs with a head kick attempt.

Two low leg kicks from Willis and then back to the jab. Right hook grazes Hunt’s jaw. Punch for Willis, kick for Hunt. Hunt tries for an overhand and falls slightly off-balance. The leg injury from the first round might be troubling him here.

Willis constantly flicking out the jab when Hunt moves into range. Big uppercut for Willis. Right hand from Hunt just misses. Hunt ducks into a knee.

Hunt loads up on another huge punch, but Willis just uses footwork to avoid him. jab snaps home for Willis again. Hunt running out of ideas as to how to find a home for his big punches here.

Jabs for Willis. Hunt with a body kick. Hunt looks very frustrated here and hangs his head low as the final bell sounds.


Slow paced fight here then and Willis managed to throw Hunt off his game with his movement and long reach which enabled him to land the jab repeatedly en-route to a unanimous decision victory (29-28 x3).

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