Kamaru Usman Blasts Jorge Masvidal For Selling Out On His Persona

Welterweight champion Kamaru Usman has put Jorge Masvidal on blast for selling out on who he really is since finding fame in the UFC.

“It’s kind of funny to me to watch what he’s become,” Usman said backstage at UFC 247 on Saturday night. “It’s the same guy, the same journeyman. But now he’s become everything that he said he wouldn’t be. Everything he fought against, being the cliché, being this and that, he’s exactly that guy right now. But it is what it is, more power to him. At the end of the day, when I sign on the dotted line I’m going to go in there and take care of business.”

Usman admits that he is also outspoken and often dresses in a flamboyant fashion, but he points out that he’s always been that way even before he was champion, while Masvidal has suddenly overgone a big shift in character over the past year.

“I’ve been the same guy since I came into the UFC. I’ve always been this fly, I’ve always dressed the way I did. It’s just that now I have a bigger platform where everybody gets to see some of those things. I’ve always said the same things that I wanted to say. I’ve always been confident, because that’s the way that I train and I believe in myself and my abilities. I’ve never changed one bit. I tell you what I’m doing to do, I go in there and I get it done.

“He’s the guy, remember, that never wanted to do media – ah, he’s too good for that, too good for this – but this clown is showing up at fights now with a robe on! This guy’s wearing a suit pretending to be Tony Montana now! He’s turned into everything that he said he wasn’t, that he wouldn’t be. I actually read something the other day that said that him and Colby plotted this while they were sharing a room, sharing a bed together, and sharing women. But it is what it is, that’s what they plotted and it’s coming to fruition. But I’m happy to be the guy to send them both packing.”

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