Katlyn Chookagian Defeats Viviane Araujo By Unanimous Decision At UFC 262

Katlyn Chookagian continued to show off her knack for winning on the scorecards tonight against Vivian Araujo at UFC 262.

Round One:

Body punch from Araujo. Now a jab lands for her. Again a body punch as Chookagian was looking for a push kick.

Jab for Chookagian. Another left gets through. Body punch and a hook upstairs from Araujo. She lands another hook.

Side kick to the body from Chookagian. Inside leg kick for Araujo. Chookagian tries to a land a one-two but gets caught by a counter hook.

Three-piece combo from Araujo. Overhand right lands. Chookagian ducks under a punch and then lands to the body.

Body punch for Araujo. She lands another as Chookagian was ducking down. Jab from Chookagian. Araujo fires out the hook. Good push kick from Chookagian.

Leg kick from Chookagian. Missed hook from her. She lands a push kick. Body punch for Araujo. Grazing hook from her.

Jab for Chookagian. Another lands and ducks the punch coming in return. Jab and two push kicks from Chookagian a she starts to find her mark from range.

Araujo drives into a takedown attempt against the cage, but Chookagian defends for now. Knee from Chookagian. She lands a glancing knee to the head.

Araujo continues to press her into the cage and then they exchange knees to end the round.

Round Two:

Counter left for Araujo. Side kick from Chookagian to the body. Push kick from Chookagian knocks Araujo off-balance to the moment, but though she rushes forwards afterwards, Araujo quickly stands back up.

Araujo with a swing and a miss. Body punch from Chookagian. Now a right hand. She lands a jab. Rangey jab landing a few times.

Body kick from Chookagian, but Araujo catches it and brings her to the mat from it in the center of the Octagon.

Araujo starts to work from half-guard. Araujo trying to work a guillotine here, but then just uses that as a distraction to get to full mount.

Two minutes of the round remaining and Aruajo starts to try to set up an arm triangle attempt and lands some body punches in the mean time. Chookagian fighting hard to try and get back to half guard, and then does really well to scramble back to her feet.

Then Chookagian lands a knee as her opponent rises and then lands clean punches. Chookagian continues to take the fight to Araujo, who seems to be slowing down a bit after that hard work on the mat.

Straight punches from Chookagian. Araujo lands a counter, but it’s a tired looking one.

The round ends with some talk that Chookagian may have tapped out during that guillotine earlier in the round, but the replays are not conclusive.

Round Three:

Chookagian landing the jab frequently to start the final round. It’s working quite nicely for her from range.

Now a jab for Araujo. Chookagian lands hers again and then just avoids the counter hook. Right hand to the body from Chookagian.

Nice right hand for Chookagian and then eats a punch in response. Knee for Chookagian. Low leg kick for Chookagian. Araujo has some swelling to her left eye.

Body punch for Araujo as Chookagian continues to pump the jab. More clean jabs for her. Calf kick for Chookagian.

Araujo struggling to get into range against this telephone pole jab. Chookagian works the leg kick too. Araujo does land a hook.

Head kick attempt from Chookagian. Another jab and then Araujo drives into a takedown attempt, but Chookagian stays upright and lands a good knee.

One-two for Chookagian. Lookaway punch-kick combo from Chookagian. Chookagian lazer accurate with the jab in this third round.

Superwoman punch from Chookagian. Nice left for her, but a better counter from Araujo. Right hand and a leg kick for Chookagian. One final punch lands for her as she keeps a strong pace until the final horn.


So Araujo did well early in the fight, the second round tightened things up a bit and then Chookagian clearly won the final round.

The judges have come to a unanimous decision verdict, and it’s Katlyn Chookagian who emerges with her hand raised thanks to turning up the heat in the second half of the fight. (29-28 x2, 30-27).

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