Kenan Song Beats Derrick Krantz By Decision At UFC Fight Night 157

Kenan Song edged out Derrick Krantz by unanimous decision tonight at UFC Fight Night 157 after a big third round that left both fighters running on empty.

Round One:

Song with an early low kick. A feeling out process and then Krantz lands a leg kick too. Spinning kick to the body from Song.

Leg kicks exchanged. Song with a low kick and then one upstairs for good measure that’s blocked. Body kick for Song.

Krantz almost catches a kick, but isn’t able to utilize it and ends up pressed against the cage by Song, but it doesn’t last long.

Rangey right hand lands for Krantz. Solid left hand for Krantz and then one to the body. Krantz pumps out the right hand, but it comes off the gloves.

Right hand for Song now. Body kick for Song. Straight right for Krantz. Body kick for Song. Both land a big punch at almost the same time.

Song with a heavy head kick that’s partially blocked, but Krantz will have felt that one. He’s ok though and they continue to trade as the round ends.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Song. Reaching right hand comes up short for Krantz. Wheel kick attempt from Song whizzes past his opponent’s head.

Missed punch from Song leaves his body open and Krantz takes that opportunity to work for a takedown and is able to pick him up and slam him to the mat.

Krantz in side control as Song is clinging onto a guillotine choke. He gives up on that and gets back to half guard. Krantz attempting to go to full mount, but Song pulls it back to half guard at the last moment.

Krantz landing punches. Song tries for a kimura but gives up on it. Krantz gets to full mount for a split second, but Song explodes into a reversal and does end up on top. Good work from him, but soon afterwards Krantz manages to get back on top.

Krantz back in half guard and staying busy. He sees an opportunity to step into a guillotine choke and stands with it, but while it looks deep at first, he eventually looses his grip and lets go.

Song now getting back on top, but Krantz does well to reverse that and ends the round landinga few punches and controlling from half -guard.

Round Three:

Exchange of punches to start the second round. Song is firing off big punches here and this aggressive punches is paying off as he backs Krantz up against the cage.

Great start to the round, but Krantz realizes he has to change the momentum quickly and scrambles on his hands and knees to get a takedown. Krantz is bleeding from a cut above his eye but he does land that takedown.

However, Song manages to get back up soon afterwards. Song marching forward but Krantz lands a couple of good counter-punches on the back foot.

Song starts to land hard blows though. Krantz showing a good chin though to take these blows. Krantz in on another takedown and gets it. Song almost manages to reverse, but then Krantz readjusts and settles on top.

Krantz looking to pass to full mount, doesn’t get it and in the scramble ends up on top again. Krantz tries to take the back and go for a submission, but slips off and now it’s Song on top.

They stand back up but both are absolutely exhausted and struggling to hide it. Hands on knees and hips here, punches being thrown like they are underwater in slow motion.

Winging punch from Song clips Krantz and backs him up for a second. Both fighters are absolutely spent now and can barely stand up nevermind fight, which means the action fizzles out in the final seconds of the fight.


Well both fighters certainly gave everything they had in that fight and in the end it’s Song’s big rally early in the third that helps him win a crucial round and the judges give him the unanimous decision victory (29-28 x3).

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