Kevin Holland Defeats Alessio Di Chirico By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 154

Kevin Holland narrowly managed to defeat Alessio Di Chirico on the scorecards tonight at UFC Fight Night 154 despite injuring his shoulder in the second round.

Round One:

Leg kick for Di Chirico. Holland leaps in and gets to the clinch, pressing his opponent up against the cage.

Knee to the body from Holland and light punches to the ribs. Di Chirico shrugs him off and gets back to striking range. Long jab from Holland. Now a side kick to the body>

Punch lands for Di Chirico. Stepping leg kick for Holland. Clubbing punches from Di Chirico. Now a left hand. Holland tries to step in and gets countered with a punch.

Spinning kick upstairs from Holland and then a push kick to the body before getting back into the clinch.

A few more light punches and knees to the body from Holland, but then Di Chirico reverses the position. They jockey for position and it’s Holland who turns his opponent again. They start to move away from the cage with Holland landing knees to the legs, then attempts a spinning elbow that doesn’t land.

Solid body kick for Di Chirico and Holland misses with a spinning kick in response. Punch lands for Di Chirico. Elbow in the clinch from Di Chirico makes an impact and then there’s a battle for control at close range and Di Chirico manages to get Holland down. Holland back to his feet quickly before the end of the round though.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Di Chirico and one in response from Holland. Holland ducks into a takedown attempt and settles for the clinch instead.

Hammerfists and light knees from Holland to the leg of his opponent. Di Chirico connects with an elbow. Now a knee to the body, but Holland shoves him back against the cage.

They eventually break apart. Holland lets loose with a few rangey punches. Now he’s back into a takedown and lands it, but Di Chirico immediately pops up to his feet.

Di Chirico throws a few winging hooks that land. Flying knee attempt from Di Chirico that misses and he clinches instead.

Back to striking range. Big right hand for Holland. Now a body punch. Leg kick for Di Chirico and a counter punch in return. Short flurry for Di Chirico.

Holland seems to have hurt his right shoulder. Di Chirico attacks again and Holland tries to retaliate with a jumping knee and a punch as the round ends. He’s nursing his shoulder as he returns to his corner and the doctor checks it in between rounds.

Round Three:

Inside leg kick for Holland. Side kick to the body from Holland. Another leg kick. They exchange in close and Holland lands a left hook.

Side kick to the body again for Holland and now jabbing. He tries for the jab again and Di Chirico flurries in response.

Leg kick for Holland. Now to the inside of the same leg. Kick to the thigh from Di Chirico. Di Chirico with an overhand.

Head kick attempt from Holland that’s blocked. Leg kick for Di Chirico. Jab from Holland. Big right and a left from Di Chirico.

Another kick from Holland. Another side kick to the body from Holland lands hard. leg kick in response from Di Chirico. Exchange of leg kicks now and a right hand lands for Di Chirico.

Final minute of the fight. leg kick apiece. Holland thinks about a takedown then tries upstairs with a flying knee instead that doesn’t land.

Di Chirico lands a late takedown here, but Holland gets to his feet and then slams his open palms into his opponent’s ears multiple times before the round ends.


Close fight then and despite his injured shoulder it’s Holland who edges out a unanimous decision victory (29-28 x3).

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