Kevin Holland Submits Tim Means With D’arce Choke At UFC On ESPN 37

Kevin Holland showed off both his striking and submission ability against Tim Means at UFC On ESPN 37, flooring him with a punch before sealing the deal with a d’arce choke.

Round One:

Holland feels out with a leg kick. Even exchange of punches at close range for a moment.

Means goes for a takedown against the cage this early in the fight. It doesn’t pay off though as Holland pushes him away.

Means with a few strikes. Holland steps into a right hand and gets an elbow in there too.

Side kick to the body from Holland. He ducks under a spinning backfist from Means.

A couple of body kick attempts from Holland. Now threatening with a knee and throws a side kick to the body.

Leg kick for Holland. Spinning kick from Means just comes up short. Knee attempt from Holland, but Means uses it to land a takedown.

Holland does well to stand up and then immediately punishes him with an onslaught of punches. Means opts to clinch up and presses Holland into the cage to slow the pace down.

Holland able to break free from the clinch position. Right hand lands for Holland and then a body kick.

Means with a strike, but then Holland returns fire with a powerful combo that stopped Means in his tracks for a moment.

Leg kick for Holland. He tries for a head kick that’s blocked. Flurry from Holland at close range and then backs up as Means starts to fire back.

Inside leg kick from Holland. Now a body kick. He gets a long right hand through. Another heavy right hand for Holland backs Means up. Holland pressing forward with more punches, but Means manages to land a takedown. Holland standing again as the round ends.

Round Two:

Side kick to the leg from Holland. Side kick to the body in response from Means. Means with a kick and Holland fires back with a flurry of heavy punches.

Body kick for Holland. Kick to the leg from Means. Holland backing Means up to the cage, but then he finds his way back to the center of the cage.

Heavy right hand from Holland rocks Means and he staggers back and then goes to the canvas. Holland follows him down and pounces on a d’arce choke submission and it’s not long before Means is forced to tap out at 1.28mins of the second round.

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