Kevin Holland TKO’s Alex Oliveira In 2nd Round At UFC 272

Kevin Holland found himself in a real battle with Alex Oliveira in his welterweight debut tonight at UFC 272, but early in the second round he floored him and then followed up with ground-and-pound for the TKO finish.

Round One:

Inside leg kick from Holland and now attempts a kick upstairs too. left hand from Holland. Another leg kick lands. Oliveira lands a low kick of his own.

Holland steps into range with a big punch that doesn’t quite connect. Another calf kick for Holland. Inside leg kick from Oliveira.

Oliveira able to knock Holland off-balance off a kick, but Holland gets right back up before he can capitalize.

More leg kicks here. Holland steps into another punch and Oliveira lands a counter punch. Oliveira with a head kick attempt.

One-two for Oliveira. Low kick from Oliveira knocks Holland to the mat. Holland tries for a leg lock. Oliveira shakes that off and keeps him on the mat when he tries to get up.

However, Holland does then get back to his feet. Big punch lands for Holland and Oliveira looks rocked for a moment. He bites down on his mouthpiece though and fires back, landing a solid punch of his own to get some respect back.

Inside leg kick from Holland. Low kick from Oliveira. Body punch from Oliveira as Holland looks for more low kicks.

Another outside low kick from Holland and Oliveira didn’t like that one. Punch for Oliveira. Oliveira tries to catch a low kick. Oliveira with a hard low kick of his own.

Oliveira able to get Holland to the mat and immediately sinks in a rear-naked choke, but there’s only a few seconds to go and Holland looks right at the camera and puts his thumbs up to show he’s ok.

Round Two:

Low kick for Holland and Oliveira fires back with one of his own. Short right hand from Holland staggers Oliveira backwards onto the canvas.

Holland pounces on him on the mat and rains down vicious ground and pound punches and then switches to elbow strikes which leads him to a TKO finish at 0.38mins of the second round.

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