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Khalil Rountree KO’s Paul Craig Late In First Round At UFC Fight Night 113

After a largely uneventful opening round at UFC Fight Night 113, Khalil Roundtree suddenly sparked into action in the final 10 seconds, flooring Paul Craig with a hook and then following up with ground and pound for the knockout finish.

Round One:

Craig with an outside leg kick to start. Now another another two as he moves around Rountree. Another kick and Rountree attempts to retaliate with punches that don’t find the mark.

Not much behind these kicks from Craig, but they are still coming. Rountree gradually closing the range and lands a hook.

Another two kicks to the lead leg from the Scottish fighter on the outside. Grazing right hand from Rountree. Leg kick to the inside this time from Craig.

Rountree unloads a few strikes, but comes up short on almost all of them. However, soon after he does land a solid left hand that knocks Craig backwards.

Rountree threatens with that left hand again. Roundtree showboating a little, but could do with a bit more action. He does land another solid punch to the head soon after.

Another strike lands for Rountree and Craig stumbles momentarily. Leg kick and then a body kick from Craig, but he eats a counter as he does so.

Final 10 seconds of the round and Rountree unleashes a head kick and then a right hook that knocks down Craig almost in slow motion. Rountree drops down a series of hammerfists and that’s it, the referee stops the fight just before the round ends.

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