Krzysztof Jotko Defeats Misha Cirkunov By Split Decision At UFC Fight Night 193

Krzysztof Jotko edged out a split decision victory over Misha Cirkunov tonight at UFC Fight Night 193 in Las Vegas.

Round One:

Winging hook from Cirkunov misses to start. Low kick for Jotko. He lands another leg kick. Jotko steps into a punch that misses and Cirkunov ducks underneath and looks for a takedown attempt. Jotko prevents that, but Cirkunov walks him over to the cage.

Jotko does well to escape the clinch and get back to striking range. Hard low kick for Jotko. Cirkunov into another takedown attempt and Jotko stuffs it. However, Cirkunov looks for a trip and Jotko does fall to the mat, but only for a brief second.

As he gets back up Cirkunov looks to clinch up against the cage though. However he can’t do anything with it and Jotko again is able to circle away.

Jotko back to the low kick. Cirkunov steps into a nice left hand. Jotko with a nice combination of punches there, though Cirkunov did land on in return too.

Another series of punches for Jotko and a head kick attempt, while Cirkunov goes for a leg kick.

Grazing right hand from Cirkunov after Jotko comes up short on an uppercut. Cirkunov with a leg kick and then attempts a takedown, but Jotko shuts it down.

Head kick attempt from Jotko just misses and Cirkunov counters with a leg kick. Another high kick from Jotko misses.

Right hook for Cirkunov and now a jab. leg kick for Jotko. Cirkunov fakes a takedown and Jotko bit on that, dropping down to his knees defensively and then has to attempt to clinch and stand. Cirkunov looks to bring him back down and partially succeeds, but Jotko pops straight back up.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Jotko. Now a kick to the thigh from Cirkunov. Jotko catches Cirkunov with a clipping punch, but he drives into the clinch regardless.

Cirkunov working for a takedown attempt, but Jotko keeps upright and briefly manages to reverse position, but then Cirkunov turns into him again and then lands a knee to the midsection that strays a little low to the groin and forces a brief stoppage.

They restart back in the clinch position, but Jotko gets away quickly. Kick for him. Now an inside leg kick attempt that’s checked.

Grazing right and left hook from Jotko. Now a solid couple of punches land for him. Cirkunov lands to the leg. Jotko lands one of his own.

They both look to land a punch at the same time. Missed punches on both ends and then Cirkunov clinches against the cage, but can’t keep it there.

Cirkunov with a leg kick and gets caught by a counter punch in return. Body punch and one upstairs from Jotko. Cirkunov to the cage clinch again, but he just can’t seem to get much going from these positions and Jotko is away soon afterwards.

Left hook and another punch behind it for Jotko. Jab for Cirkunov. Leg kick for Cirkunov. Punches miss but low kick lands for Jotko.

Yet another clinch for Cirkunov and again Jotko gets away swiftly. Jotko looking for a jumping knee attempt. Cirkunov just misses with a head kick attempt and lands a counter punch. Head kick attempt for Jotko and a leg kick lands for Cirkunov as the round comes to a close.

Round Three:

Jabs exchanged. Punches and then a head kick attempt from Jotko. Now leg kicks traded. Cirknov works for a takedown, Jotko nicely counters to begin with, but then Cirkunov readjusts and does manage to get him down fully at last.

Cirkunov works around to the back, but Jotko stands. Cirkunov is still clinched to his back and drags him down. Jotko on one knee against the cage and slowly starts to stand back up. Cirkunov staying tight to him and landing a couple of knees though.

Jotko back down to a knee. Knees to the body from Cirkunov. Jotko rising up again, but Cirkunov trips him. Cirkunov drags him backwards and tries to improve position, but Jotko slips out and stands.

Cirkunov working for another takedown and lands it, but Jotko stands quickly. Relentless takedown opportunities from Cirkunov, but Jotko gets away to the center of the Octagon this time.

Jotko now surprises Cirkunov by looking to sweep him to the mat, but it doesn’t pay off. Jotko lands a punch. Up against the cage Jotko looks to land strikes. Jumping knee from Jotko and then he lands an unintentional eyepoke that forces a stoppage.

Jotko eager to get going again and shouts “lets go” at Cirkunov. 30 seconds later Cirkunov is ready to get back to work.

Jotko letting his hands go, landing a few punches. He lands another solidly, then stops a takedown.

leg kick for Cirkunov. Jotko marching forward. He lands a left hook. He lands another punch and eats a counter from Cirkunov.

Jotko straight down the pipe with a jab. Now an inside leg kick. an elbow connects. Clinch attempt from Cirkunov is brushed aside.

Jotko continuing to let his hands go without really landing cleanly, then smartly goes for a late takedown and lands it. He tries to land some ground and pound as the round draws to a close and we head to the judges for a decision.


Close fight then and that’s reflected in the fact there’s a split decision verdict from the judges, with Jotko emerging with his hand raised (29-28 x2, 28-29) thanks to his crisper striking, solid takedown defense in the opening couple of rounds, and landing his own takedown late in the final round that may well have swung the fight in his favor.

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