Kyle Daukaus Taps Out Jamie Pickett In Final Second Of Rd1 At UFC Fight Night 201

Kyle Daukaus was able to force Jamie Pickett to tap out to a d’arce choke just a split second before the end of the first round tonight at UFC Fight Night 201.

Round One:

Leg kick for Daukaus. Pickett with a jab. Side kick for Pickett. Another outside leg kick from Daukaus.

Daukaus in on a single-leg takedown but unable to get it straight away and works for it against the cage. Daukaus picks him up and brings him to the mat.

Pickett works for a choke from his back, but Daukaus is able to escape and now he secures position in half-guard.

Daukaus postured up on one knee looking for punches, but Pickett is able to drive back to his feet against the cage. He tries to press Daukaus into the cage, but Daukaus soon has control of the position again and is able to pick him up and dump him to the mat again.

Daukaus again in half-guard but Pickett gets to his feet. Daukaus almost hops onto his back, but isn’t able to and Pickett tries to go for a single-leg off his own now.

Daukaus stuffs that and presses him back into the cage. Knee to the body from Pickett and two right hands from Daukaus, then puts him right back down to the mat again.

Duakus in half-guard again and is fishing for a potential d’arce choke attempt. Final 10 seconds though and it looks like Pickett is going to survive… but then Pickett suddenly taps out an instant before the horn sounds to end the round. Wow, big mistake from Pickett there and a good submission win for Daukaus at 4.59mins of the first round.

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