Kyler Phillips TKO’s Cameron Else At UFC On ESPN 16

Kyler Phillips was able to finish late replacement Cameron Else by TKO tonight at UFC On ESPN 16.

Round One:

Leg kick for Phillips. A few seconds later Else returns the favor. Phillips lands another. Now a straight right gets through for him. Back to the leg kick.

Right hand from Else. Leg kick for Phillips as Else lets go with more hard punches. Head kick attempt from Phillips.

Spinning head kick from Phillips grazes Else’s head. Hard body kick for Phillips. Else lands a right hand. Big punch from Phillips.

Overhand right from Else just misses as Phillips connects again to the lead kick. Else loads up on a punch and Phillips works a nicely timed takedown. Phillips opts to stand over Else and then throws a punch as he follows him back down. Else scrambles, but Phillips ends up on top again.

Phillips standing over Else again and then goes down, ending up in side control. Else scrambles again, but this time Phillips takes his back in response. Slap to the back of the head from him and then a few punches.

Else trying to scramble again, but Phillips prevents it at the last moment and stays on top landing some nice ground and pound. Final seconds of the round and Else seems a little out of it as Phillips lands a few unanswered blows.

Round Two:

leg kick for Phillips. Body punch for Else. Else loading up on punches, but missing. Kick upstairs from Phillips and then into the body lock, where he works a takedown easily.

Phillips gets mount and takes the back. He starts to land ground and pound, connecting with elbows and the referee quickly decides Else has had enough and waves off the fight, handing Phillips a nice TKO victory at 0.44mins of the second round.

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