Late Replacement Tristan Connelly Defeats Michel Pereira At UFC Fight Night 158

Tristan Connelly enjoyed a dream debut in the Octagon tonight at UFC Fight Night 158 after he emerged with a unanimous decision victory over Michel Pereira after accepting the bout on just five days in the weight class above the one he normally competes in!

Round One:

Push kick for Pereira. Now a superman punch off the cage that lands. Now acrobatic backflip attacks that don’t land. Wild start for Pereira as he tries for a flying knee too.

Pereira early antics don’t face Connelly though and he slows down the pace by clinching up against the cage.

Pereira eventually away though and goes back to his wild techniques, trying a sommersault attack. He lands a strike to the body that seemed to bother Connelly. Pereira attemping another flying knee.

Connelly proving to be tough though and keeping his cool, managing to land a takedown attempt. Pereira scrambles up nicely, but Connelly gets him down again.

Connelly in half guard. He tries to pass to full mount, but Pereira keeps him at bay. However, he tries again and this time does get to full mount.

Pereira able to get back up though. Striking range and both men landing blows at close range. Connelly drops down and rolls for a submission, but Pereira escapes. Connelly goes for it again, but the round comes to a close.

Round Two:

Body kick for Connelly. Push kick now and another kick behind it as he looks to keep the pressure on Pereira. Pereira keeping things simpler with punches now.

Connelly trying for a takedown. Pereira sprawls and tries to work a d’arce choke, but Connelly escapes.

Back on the feet. Pereira looking tired now after his early exertions. He bursts forward with a punch and a knee upstairs.

Connelly continuing to pressure though and a strike lands that seems to wilt Pereira a little. More pressure from Connelly and in a complete change from the opening round, now Pereira is trying for a takedown that’s stuffed.

Connelly just continues marching forward now, but Perreira again goes for the takedown and this time lands it.

Pereira taking his time as he tries to get his second wind here. He’s happy in Connelly’s guard here, not exerting much energy. Connelly tries for a kimura, gives up on it and tries to land a few strikes from his back instead.

Connelly trying to get his back up against the cage to stand now. Now he’s trying to wall walk, but Pereira remains on top to end the round.

Round Three:

Connelly pressuring early in the third, but as they go to the cage, Pereira reverses and works the clinch.

Now Connelly gets a guillotine and drops to the mat with it. It looks tight and Pereira is trying to scramble to survive here. He’s barely managing to keep from getting tapped out here, but does finally manage to escape.

Back on the feet and Connelly is showing excellent cardio as he keeps pressing the action and lands a takedown.

Connelly in half-guard now. The crowd are shouting his name as he keeps working on top. He tries to pass to full mount, but settles for half-guard on the other side for now.

left hooks landing from Connelly. 90 seconds to go as he lands more of those lefts. Knees to the body now as we reach the final minute.

A few more good lefts banging down now. Now right hands getting mixed in with it as Connelly ends the fight strongly.


Great performance from Connelly to get the unanimous decision victory (29-28. 29-27 x2), while Perreira showed exactly why too many acrobatic attacks, energy sapping moves and showboating are not the best idea in the Octagon.

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