Lauren Murphy Submits Lilliya Shakirova In Second Round At UFC 254

Lauren Murphy stayed patient in the opening round against an active Lilliya Shakirova tonight at UFC 254, then started to make moves in the second, securing a takedown and then working her way to the back to wrap up a submission victory.

Round One:

Kick to the body from Shakirova. Now an inside leg kick. Murphy taking the center of the Octagon. Shakirova with another inside leg kick and then one to the body.

Murphy just short with a couple of punches. Murphy backing her opponent up here to the cage, but unable to get anything off as Shakirova goes for another kick to the midsection.

Again with the inside leg tkick for Shakirova and an attempt upstairs. Now a spinning backfist that’s blocked. Inside leg kick again and Murphy lands a straight punch.

Shakirova with a single leg attempt, but Murphy is straight back up and returns to striking range. Murphy barrels forward, but having a struggle so far finding the target against the always moving Shakirova.

Murphy throwing again and Shakirova gets her head off the center, but then gets caught with a punch. Murphy with a few more straight punches against the cage and Shakirova with a single counter punch.

Light body kick from Shakirova. She tries a spinning head kick that doesn’t find the mark. Murphy tries to land a hook, but Shakirova ducks under and works for a single leg. Murphy doing well to stay standing and then starts to land a few hammerfists. Shakirova presses her up against the cage. Murphy drives away from the cage and then drives Shakirova back against it.

Shakirova kicks Murphy away. She tries to land another kick, but doesn’t find the target and that’s the final action of the round.

Round Two:

Both ladies throw straight punches but comes up short. Shakirova with a kick. Head kick attempt from her misses. Again with a light body kick. Murphy still stalking, but more punches don’t quite find the mark.

Leg kick and a nice knee in close from Murphy there. Side kick to the leg from Shakirova. Double jab from Murphy. Jab for Shakirova.

Body kick apiece there. Shakirova trying to clinch but eats a couple of knees to the body for her troubles and then Murphy clinches her up against the cage.

Now a nice takedown from Murphy against the wrestler. Murphy in Shakirova’s guard here and taking her time as her opponent throws up her legs but doesn’t find anything for now submission wise.

Murphy manages to transition to the back and immediately is sinking in a rear-naked choke. It’s in deep and Shakirova is trapped here and is forced to tap out.

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