Leon Edwards Defeats Donald Cerrone By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 132

Leon Edwards emerged with a unanimous decision victory over Donald Cerrone at UFC Fight Night 132 in Singapore, but there wasn’t too much between the two fighters after 25 minutes of fighting.

Round One:

The main event is underway in Singapore!

Side kick to the body from Cerroen to start. Edwards throws a body kick early and Cerrone almost ducked into that. Leg kick for Cerrone. Left hand gets through for Cerrone.

Edwards clinches up looking for a takedown. Cerrone shows good balance and Edwards works him over to the cage. Cerrone still managing to stay upright though.

Edwards with an elbow and then breaks free. Spinning attack misses from Cerrone. He lands a leg kick. A couple of punches for Cerrone as he presses forward.

Cerrone in the clinch and Edwards landing hard knees to the body. Little blood from just to the side of Cerrone’s right eye seems to be bothering him a little.

Another clinch from Cerrone. Edwards with knees to the body and one upstairs that lands. Body shot from Cerrone. head kick attempt from Cerrone, but a little off-balance as he throws it.

leg kick for edwards. And again. Head kick attempt lands from Edwards, but Cerrone took it. Inside leg kick for Edwards. left hand timed well by Edwards as Cerrone comes forward.

Body kick for Cerrone as the round ends and he goes back to his corner with blood streaked on his face and chest on the right-hand side.

Round Two:

Body punch from Cerrone. Hard body kick from Edwards. Now a body kick from Cerrone. Good short elbows from Edwards. Leg kick for Cerrone.

Cerrone ducks into a takedown attempt, but it doesn’t work out and he settles for a knee to the body instead. CLinching up, Cerrone presses Edwards against the cage.

Edwards reverses the position and land a strike to the head. Now he backs away and lands a kick. Another body kick for Edwards. Right hand from ‘Cowboy’.

side kick to the body from Cerrone. Leg kick from Edwards. Body kick from Edwards and a one-two in response from Cerrone. Edwards takes a groin strike and needs a moment to recover.

Body kick for Edwards. Knee from Cerrone in close. Edwards tries to get Cerrone down, but he shows tremendous balance to stay up. They break free with Cerrone landing a head kick as Edwards complains about having had his glove held by his opponent. He took that kick well.

Round Three:

Body punch from Cerrone, but Edwards fires back with a series of punches and finds the mark. Edwards in again and then Cerrone launches into a solid attack of his own.

In close Edwards lands a good knee to the body. Good uppercut to the chin from Cerrone. Now he goes to the body then upstairs with hooks as he starts to bring the pressure up.

Body punch and then one to the head from ‘Cowboy’. Edwards with a flurry that mostly misses and Cerrone ties up in the clinch.

Jab from Edwards misses and Cerrone ducks under looking for a takedown that doesn’t pay off. Nice elbow from Edwards in close.

Again Cerrone attempts a takedown and again Edwards stuffs it and clinches. Landing an elbow. Body punch from Cerrone.

Clinched up in the center of the cage then they break apart. Head kick attempt from Cerrone is blocked. Cerrone tries to leap into a knee attack, but it didn’t land cleanly. Counter strike from Edwards. Cerrone into the clinch with knees in teh final seconds of the round.

Round Four:

Kick to the knee from Edwards. Body punch for Cerrone. Leg kick for Cerrone. Knee kick again from Edwards. Side kick to the body from Cerrone, but he slips on that. Edwards threatens with a kick as he gets back up.

Body kick from Cerrone and partially caught by Edwards. Knee stomps from Edwards. Inside leg kick from Cerrone. left hand for Cerrone and they clinch up.

Good head kick from Edwards. Solid left from Cerrone as Edwards lands a one-two at the same time. Body kick for Edwards. Leg kick for Cerrone. Nice left hand from Edwards as Cerrone moves forward.

Cerrone into the clinch, pressing Edwards to the cage. He manages to land a takedown, big moment for him close to the cage. Edwards stands again though. Cerrone remains in the clinch, but Edwards separates, landing an elbow on the way out.

Head kick attempt from Edwards misses and Cerrone almost throws him to the ground as a result of that. Cerrone with a right hand.

Leg kick and then one upstairs from Edwards. Cerrone tries for a head kick that’s blocked just as the round ends.

Round Five

The crowd roars and that gets Cerrone going and he gestures to them. Edwards with a leg kick. Side kick to the body from Cerrone.

Knee strike from Edwards. Clinch from Cerrone and lands a knee to the body while Edwards throws a chopping hook.

leg kick for Edwards. Cerrone flashes out a few punches. Now a leg kick. Another leg kick for Cerrone. He tries for a side kick and misses. Edwards pushes him back with a punch.

Blocked head kick from Edwards. Cerrone with the underhooks and presses Edwards to the cage. Cerrone manages to land a takedown and that’s big in the final round!

Edwards doing everything he can to stand up and manages to do so. Good work from him with a minute still to work. leg kick for Edwards. Nice uppercut gets through from Cerrone.

leg kick for Cowboy. Cerrone points to the center of the Octagon wanting to slug it out, but Edwards looks wary. Nonetheless, Cerrone steps forward and starts letting his hands go and Edwards does to an extent too, then they show each other respect after the bell sounded.


Closely fought fight with both competitors giving a good account of themselves, but in the end it’s Edwards who emerges with the unanimous decision victory (48-47 x3).

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