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Leon Edwards Defeats Bryan Barberena By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 115

Leon Edwards racked up his fourth win in a row tonight with a unanimous decision victory over Bryan Barberena at UFC FIght Night 115.

Round One:

The two men just sizing each other up in the opening minute, with Edwards taking the center of the Octagon. Barberena with a couple of low kicks.

Edwards flashes a kick upstairs, but it’s blocked. Another low kick from Barberena and a front kick to the body in return from Edwards.

Edwards with a hard leg kick now – the best one of the fight so far. Edwards with the jab and then a one-two as Barberena comes into range.

Body kick from Barberena, but Edwards catches it and lands a punch as he brings down his opponent. Edwards shifts to Barberena’s back as he sits close to the cage.

Barberena looking to stand, but Edwards remaining latched onto his back and keeps him down. Only one hook in for Edwards at the moment though with a minute to go. Barberena landing punches behind him as Edwards continues to look for an opportunity to sink in the rear-naked choke.

Edwards with both hooks in and then gets the body triangle. Edwards battles for the choke, but as the round ends Barberena has just finished working his way back to his feet.

Round Two:

Barberena back to the kick to the calf to start the second round. They move in close and Barberena lands a couple of light hooks and then they clinch up.

Edwards presses Barberena against the cage. His opponent reverses the position. They both trade knees to the legs. Edwards takes a few more of those knees and then shoves Barberena away.

Edwards with the jab. As in the first round, Edwards catches a kick and bundles Barberena to the mat. Edwards tries for the back and Barberena stands against the cage.

Edwards still has one hook in though and then moves for a takedown again, but he’s unable to land it. Undeterred, Edwards goes again for the takedown, but Barberena stays upright and lands elbows.

They head back to striking range and exchange, with Edwards landing the cleaner shots. However, suddenly Barberena catches him by suprise with an uppercut and he drops to the mat!

Edwards looks dazed, but the referee is giving him time to clear his head as Barberena lands short shots on the mat. Eventually Edwards rolls to his back and is able to survive to the end of the round, but that was big for Barberena.

Round Three:

Barberena with a leg kick. He lands a right hand and a hook, while Edwards connects with a counter. Leg kick for Edwards, body kick for Barberena.

Head kick attempt from Edwards. He just misses with an overhand. Nice body punch though. Now a leg kick. Edwards seems to have recovered well from the trouble he was in late in the second.

Exchange of punches in close and Edwards gets the better of it, but Barberena is still a threat, so the Brit decides to change things up and manages to take his opponent down to the mat.

Edwards in a good spot now as he moves to Barberena’s back again and locks in the body triangle as he works the rear-naked choke. It’s not under the chin though.

Two minutes to go. He tries for a second time to sink in the choke, but Barberena is still hanging in there and doing his best to protect his chin.

Barberena frees the body triangle and then stands, but Edwards still has the back clinch. Final minute and Edwards is ducked in looking for a final takedown. he knows if he just stays in control here then the round is his. Barberena tries for a kimura, but it doesn’t work out and Edwards is able to get to his back again.

Barberena rolls to the mat trying to make something happen in the final 10 seconds, but that’s where the round comes to a close.


Good competitive fight here then, but Edwards ground work in the first and third rounds was enough to make up for being floored in the second and he emerges with a unanimous decision victory (29-28 x3).

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