Clay Guida Stages Comeback To Submit Leonardo Santos At UFC On ESPN 31

Clay Guida had to survive early adversity against Leonardo Santos tonight at UFC On ESPN 31 after being hurt by an early body kick and rocked by follow-up strikes, before going on to capitalize on his opponent’s cardio drain to take him down and submit him in the second round.

Round One:

Calf kick from Santos. Jab from Guida. Another calf kick from Santos lands solidly. Front kick to the body from Santos and Guida seems hurt.

Santos starts landing punches as Guida is in full defensive mode. Guida goes to the mat and Santos lands multiple hammerfists then looks up at the ref expecting him to step in. He doesn’t and so he continues.

Guida back to his feet and Santos continues to work and lands a big knee upstairs, then another hard one. Guida showing his toughness and is starting to regain his bearings despite the punishment, while Santos is now slowing down after that early exertion.

Guida’s mouthpiece has come out and he gets a little time to recover while the action is stopped. Now it’s Guida who starts to press forward and Santos looks fatigued and has stopped being offensive.

Guida now doing too much either but he’s pressuring while still clearing his own cobwebs. Towards the final minute Guida starts to let his strikes go and that sets up a takedown opportunity, which he lands.

Guida works some punches to the body and then elbows upstairs to end the round.

Round Two:

Guida pressing forward aggressively throwing punches and Santos still looks like he’s a spent force as he backs up.

Guida works for a takedown and drags him down. Santos turtled up parallel to the cage. Guida gets onto his back now and is starting to work for a rear-naked choke.

Santos is a high-level BJJ specialist, but he’s so tired he’s barely defending this attempt and then taps out at 1.21mins of the second round!! Great comeback win from Guida.

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