Li Jingliang Defeats Diachi Abe By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 132

Li Jingliang controlled the stand-up battle from start to finish against Diachi Abe at UFC Fight Night 132 today in Singapore to emerge with a unanimous decision victory.

Round One:

Body punch for Jingliang. Inside leg kick for Abe. They trade in close but both miss. Leg kick for Jingliang. another kick for him and Abe tries to counter with a punch.

Abe tries a brief flurry of punches, but not finding his range. Jingliang with an leg kick the inside and the shortly afterwards one to the outside.

Straight right lands for Jingliang. Body kick for Abe. Leg kick for Jingliang. Now a solid right hand down the pipe.

leg kick again for Jingliang, but Abe almost caught that one. Big right hand as Abe stepped in seemed to buckle his legs ever so slightly.

Jingliang marching forward and connects with the right again. Abe doesn’t want to take too many of them. Body punch for Jingliang and Abe responds with two punches of his own.

Right hook for Abe. Jingliang overreaching on a punch and he gets clipped by Abe and that seemed to stop him in his tracks just for a split second. Jingliang back on the attack though and landing another big punch as the round draws to a conclusion.

Round Two:

Chopping knee kick from Abe. Two inside leg kicks for Jingliang. Spinning kick attempt from Abe. Another leg kick from Jingliang.

The leg kicks keep coming from Jingliang. That’s his go-to at the moment, though he is letting his hands go at times too. Nice right hook from Jingliang. soid kick to the outside leg and then a body punch. Abe checks a kick this time.

Abe’s punches coming up short. Jimgliang flashes an uppercut just past Abe’s head, but another glancing blow afterwards knocks Abe off-balance.

Front kick to the body for Jingliang. Hard inside leg kick. Body punch. Jingliang definitely bossing the stand-up action, but Abe lands an overhand.

Crushing overhand right from Jingliang there, but Abe takes it well. That’s got Jingliang fired up though and he’s coming forward with more purpose and putting extra emphasis on his kicks and punches.

Big kick seems to hurt Abe and Jingliang just misses with a punch behind it. Jingliang marches back to the center of the Octagon, taunting his opponent. He’s really feeling this right now and Abe needs to do something to get his opponent’s respect back.

Round Three:

Jingliang feeling out with leg kicks and a spinning backfist that doesn’t land. Abe tries for a head kick that just misses. Solid punch for Jingliang that hurts Abe. He follows up with a heavy low kick that wilts Abe further.

Spinning kick from Abe misses. Winging left and right from Jingliang grazes his opponent. Another whack to the low leg of Abe. Solid right hand snaps back Abe’s head.

Again he connects with the right. Left hook in there. Abe turns his back for a moment. Head kick attempt from Abe looked good by was mostly blocked.

Jab for Jingliang. Two leg kicks and then the right hand. A minute to go. Abe lands a crips right of his own. He needs more of that quickly. Inside leg kick for Abe.

Head kick miss from Abe. well timed straight right from Jingliang, but Abe keeps on his feet and that’s the last big blow of the fight.


No doubt about the winner here, Jingliang dominated the stand-up action from start to finish with big leg kicks and hard right hands to earn a unanimous decision victory (30-26, 30-27 x2).

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