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Mackenzie Dern Submits Randa Markos In 1st Round With Armbar At UFC Fight Night 178

Mackenzie Dern didn’t take long to get the better of Randa Markos tonight at UFC Fight Night 178 after luring her to the mat and initially threatening with a triangle choke, before getting on top and finishing with an armbar submission.

Round One:

Instant exchange and Markos appeared to land better here. Dern attempted a kick and falls off-balance to the mat in the process.

Markos goes over to her and Dern is immediately trying to work her submission game on the mat, throwing her legs up and working for a potential triangle choke.

Markos keeping an upright posture here and being very cautious to not leave herself vulnerable with Dern having the option of a triangle choke or armbar here, but in the end she opts to just go for an omaplata and uses that to sweep on top.

Now Dern is trying to work her way to full mount and is close to it as she looks to get her ankle free. She starts to land a little ground and pound, but Markos keeps her foot trapped.

Dern gives up on trying to free the foot for now and instead drops to the side with an armbar attempt. Markos is trying hard just to survive here as Dern lands some hammerfists to soften her up to the head and body, and then makes the necessary adjustments to the armbar to force a tapout from her opponent at the 3.44min mark of the first round.

A slick demonstration of Dern’s highly touted ground skills there as she registers her second win in a row and gets momentum back on her side again.

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