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Mackenzie Dern Taps Out Hannah Cifers With Kneebar In 1st Round At UFC On ESPN 9

Mackenzie Dern made short work of Hannah Cifers tonight at UFC On ESPN 9, seizing upon a kneebar to end the fight in the opening round.

Round One:

After some feel-out punches they get into the clinch with Dern looking to try to get the fight to the mat, but its Cifers who presses her to the cage. Unexpected since Cifers is the smaller fighter here. Cifers landing a knee to the body and staying aggressive here, but they eventually break apart.

An exchange of punches and Dern lands an uppercut. Dern wings another big punch in Cifers direction. Cifers lands a leg kick.

Right hand connects for Dern and then attempts a body kick. Dern going for another takedown and gets it, but Cifers manages to get on top and lands a punch.

Dern immediately going for a leg lock as Cifers is postured over her. Dern cranking on a kneebar here and the BJJ expert forces a quick tapout from Cifers at 2.36mins of the opening round!

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