Magomed Ankalaev Beats Volkan Oezdemir By Unanimous Decision At UFC 267

Magomed Ankalaev’s striking was on-point today as he convincingly got the better of Volkan Oezdemir for three rounds at UFC 267.

Round One:

Nice flurry of punches from Ankalaev, but misses with the hook on the end of that combo. Now it’s Oezdemir’s turn to try and land a flurry, but without landing cleanly.

Now Ozedemir lets his hands go again down the pipe with better effect. Flying knee attempt from him now as Ankalaev looks to close the distance and presses his opponent up against the cage.

Oezdemir trying to keep his hips away and lands a few knees to the body, then is able to break free and get back to the center of the Octagon.

Nice jabs from Ankalaev as Oezdemir was coming into range. Now a body kick from Ankalaev. He lands a hard straight left that drops Oezdemir momentarily, but he’s straight back up.

Fast jab from Ankalaev. Now an oblique kick. Oezdemir with a high kick attempt. Ankalaev blasts him with another straight left.

Leg kick for Oezdemir. Clubbing overhand right from Oezdemir grazes the head. Jab for Ankalaev. He lands a punch to the body and then soon after connects against nicely upstairs. Missed head kick attempt from Oezdemir to end the round.

Round Two:

Both fighters missing with strikes, but then at close range Ankalaev connects with knees to the midsection. Now Ankalaev scores with that clean left hand down the pipe again.

Calf kick for Oezdemir. He ducks underneath a combo from Ankalaev. Another leg kick for Oezdemir, and then lands one low inside too.

Right hand for Ankalaev and Oezdemir’s left eye starts bleeding as a result. Calf kick for him. Head kick attempt from Oezdemir is blocked.

Inside low kick for Oezdemir. Now a jab from him. left hand for Ankalaev. Quick jab. Leg kick for Oezdemir.

Ankalaev catches a body kick and works for a takedown. Oezdemir does well to stand, but Ankalaev has his back up against the cage and is landing knees to the back of his thighs.

More of those knees and then Ankalaev works again for the takedown and can’t stick it. Ankalaev with a few punches and backs off.

Round Three:

With Oezdemir’s earlier cut cleaned up you can see it slashes right through his left eyebrow. Hopefully it won’t leak into his eye too much.

The two start by trading a few low kicks. Push kick from Ankalaev too. Jab for Ankalaev and then another heavier blow behind it.

Low kick from Oezdemir is checked. Jab for Ankalaev and Oezdemir attempts a takedown that his opponent easily brushes aside.

Low kick from Oezdemir and Ankalaev counters with punches upstairs. Punch for Oezdemir and again Ankalaev is immediately swinging back on the counter.

Good long jab from Ankalaev. He lands it again. Oezdemir with a front kick attempt upstairs that just grazes off the guard.

Combo from Ankalaev. Body kick with 90 seconds to go. Body punch now. Left hook for Oezdemir. Jab from Ankalaev and another body kick.

Body kick for Oezdemir now. Jab again for Ankalaev. Ankalaev ducks under an Oezdemir punch and works for a late takedown, but credit to Oezdemir for managing to stay upright.


Clinical striking from Ankalaev then from the first round to the last and he secures a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x2, 29-28).

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