Magomed Ankalaev TKO’s Anthony Smith In 2nd Round At UFC 277

Magomed Ankalaev continued his lengthy winning streak tonight at UFC 277 with a second round TKO victory against Anthony Smith.

Round One:

Leg kick for Ankalaev to start. Head kick attempt from Smith doesn’t pay off. Calf kicks exchanged now.

Another calf kick for Ankalaev and then checks a low kick from Smith. Another high kick attempt from Smith is blocked.

Body kick from Smith. Low kicks exchanged. They do so again. Ankalaev actively looking to check low kicks. Ankalaev whiffs on a hook attempt. Inside leg kick from Ankalaev.

Kick upstairs attempted by Ankalaev. A brief flurry of punches followed by a head kick attempt from Ankalaev.

Smith comes up short with punches and Ankalaev responds with a quick combination ended with a low kick.

Front kick to the body from Smith. He loses his balance and falls backwards onto the mat, but Analaev opts not to follow him down. Smith stays on his back trying to land an upkick. When he goes back to his corner he’s visibly limping and says it’s his ankle that’s troubling him.

Round Two:

Oblique kick from Ankalaev. Body punch from Smith. He misses with a hook. He lands a kick and then tries to drive into takedown attempt against the cage. Smith’s ankle clearly still bothering him, but he’s trying to fight through it.

Smith struggling with the takedown attempt and then opts to just try and pull guard instead. Ankalaev with good posture though and if he’s going to the mat he’ll be doing it on his terms. Ankalaev steadily adjusting his position and works around until he has Smith backed up against the cage and starts dropping down some heavy ground and pound strikes.

Smith looking concerned here as he struggles to his knees and as the strikes continue to drop down the ref opts to step in, handing Ankalaev a TKO victory at 3.09mins of the second round.

Smith says afterwards that he thinks either his leg or ankle is broken. It’s not certain what caused it, but may well have been Ankalaev checking his leg kicks in the opening round.

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