Makwan Amirkhani Defeats Chris Fishgold With Anaconda Choke At UFC Fight Night 153

Makwan Amirkhai claimed a submission victory via anaconda choke against Chris Fishgold tonight at UFC Fight Night 153.

Round One:

Amirkhani leaps into a knee strike to start, but then Fishgold lands a counter hook. Leg kick for Fishgold. Inadvertent eyepoke to Fishgold forces a brief stoppage.

Jab for Fishgold to start the action again. Now a head kick attempt. Low kick for him knocks Amirkhani off-balance. Another lands.

Jab to the body for Amirkhani. Fishgold moves in for a big strike, but Amirkhani ducks under and lands a nice takedown.

Fishgold using the cage to wall walk and then chaining submission attempts, trying for a potential triangle and then a leglock attempt.

Amirkhani stays calm though and then settles back into Fishgold’s guard in the final minute.

Body punches for Amirkhani. Fishgold rolls to his knees and Amirkhani tries for an anaconda choke in the final seconds only for the bell to sound just as he had it locked up.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Fishgold. Left hand for him. Leg kick attempt from Fishgold that Amirkhani jumps over looking for a knee. Almost gets his leg caught there though.

One-two for Amirkhani glances off his opponent’s guard. Big right hand for Fishgold. Head kick attempt is blocked though.

leg kick for Fishgold, but then a missed overhand. Low kick from Amirkhani lands illegally to the groin and forces another stoppage.

leg kick for Fishgold. Another lands as he continues to push the pace. An inside leg kick now.

Amirkhani in on the takedown attempt, but as they go down Fishgold goes for a guillotine choke. Amirkhani calm though, escapes the choke and settles in on top.

Fishgold gets to his knees, but Amirkhani goes for an anaconda choke. Fishgold continually tries to scramble in a clockwise direction trying to escape this, but Amirkhani keeps circling after him until eventually his opponent can’t take it any longer and has to tap out with 4.25mins of the second round gone.

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