Makwan Amirkhani Defeats Jason Knight By Split Decision At UFC Fight Night 130

Makwan Amirkhani survived being dropped twice in the first round to come back and claim a split decision victory over Jason Knight at UFC Fight Night 130.

Round One:

Early leg kick from Knight. He flicks out a front kick and then back to the leg. Push kick to the body then the leg kick from Knight as Amirkhani tries to feel his way into the fight.

Amirkhani with a big right and then a flying knee attempt, but it doesn’t work out and they go to the mat with Amirkhani on top. Knight gets back up though.

Hard right hook for Amirkhani again. Now he’s working the jab. Knight goes back to the kicks to the leg and body. Knight steps into a punch and he’s already sporting some blood to his nose.

Knight comes forward with a short flurry and Amirkhani pushes him away. Spinning head kick attempt for Knight misses. Good push kick to the body from Knight.

Amirkhani goes for punches but then Knight clocks him with a huge uppercut that floors him. Knight follows him down, but Amirkhani does well to get back up after that huge blow.

Amirkhani going back to work, but soon after Knight again clobbers him a punch and drops him for the second time in the space of a minute.

Amirkhani still somewhat lucid though as he looks to survive on the mat with Knight attempting to work for a submission. Towards the end of the round Knight goes for a triangle choke attempt as they scramble, but Amirkhani survives.

Round Two:

Body kick for Knight and then to the leg as he did in the first round. Knight loudly taunting his opponent, telling him his chin is weak!

Right hook attempt from Amirkhani, but it just grazes past Knight’s chin. Knight’s kicking strategy continues. Amirkhani lands a kick of his own.

Punch for Amirkhani. Knight misses with a kick and eats a punch. Amirkhani able to land a takedown in the center of the cage.

Nice punch from Knight. Right hook for Amirkhani and then stumbles. Amirkhani looks for the bodylock and lands a takedown against the cage.

Amirkhani staying heavy on top in the final minute of the round. Knight doesn’t have much room to work his submission game here. He scrambles and tries to throw his legs up for a triangle, but there’s nothing doing.

Round Three:

Leg kicks for Knight. Amirkhani with a takedown. Knight working his rubber guard and chipping away with heel kicks to the body.

Not much work from Amirkhani here, but plenty of control. Half the round remaining. Both legs up over Amirkhani’s neck now.

They are back up now against the cage. It’s not long until they go back to the floor though with Amirkhani on top. Still just going for control here. Knight tries to scramble away.

Knight attempts to stand and Amirkhani lands a punch and keeps him down until the final bell.


The judges have rendered their verdict and after a tough first round it’s Amirkhani who managed to wrestle his way to a split decision victory.

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