Marcin Tybura defeats Andrei Arlovski By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 111

Marcin Tybura got the better of Andrei Arlovski on the mat in both the first and third round tonight at UFC Fight Night 111 to earn a unanimous decision victory.

Round One:

Tybura with a leg kick. Front kick from him comes up jus short. Nice spinning back kick to the body from Arlovski.

Front kick to the body for Arlovski, but Tybura catches it and takes him to the mat in the center of the Octagon.

Tybura working from Arlovski’s guard and lands a few punches. Tybura postures up an drops down an elbow. Now he passes to half guard and then son after moves to his back. Arlovski scrambles, but Tybura ends up in full mount.

Tybura landing ground and pound as Arlovski tries to avoid the blows dropping down on his head. He survives for now, but there’s still two minutes of the round remaining.

Two huge elbows land for Tybura and Arlovski gives up his back again. A series of right hands from Tybura and Arlovski rolls back to his back again.

Gradual ground and pound continues for Tybura as Arlovski’s face starts to bloody up. Arlovski moves to his knees and then is able to roll on top and they both stand up.

It’s Arlovski who is suddenly pressing forward, unleashing a series of left and right hands that hurts a tired looking Tybura and backs him up. Nice end to the round from Arlovski after being under the kosh for much of that five minute spell.

Round Two:

Nice left hand for Arlovski. He lands again and threatens with a kick too. Arlovski moves into the clinch against the cage now. Both men have expended a lot of energy already, but there’s a long time to go in the fight.

Arlovski breaks free eventually and unloads a series of punches. Now he goes for a takeown as Tybura tries to fire back. Arlovski briefly gets him to the mat, but he stands right back up again.

Arlovski remains in the clinch, thinking about another takedown attempt. Tybura hasn’t really offered anything so far in this round with about 90 seconds to go.

It’s a real stalemate in the clinch here and so in the final minute the referee separates them.

Tybura lands a knee upstairs. Arlovski complaining about something, possibly a head clash, but the fight continues and Arlovski plays it safe by going back to the clinch. Final few seconds of the round and Arlovski steps back and unloads a few punches.

Round Three:

Leg kick for Arlovski. Misses with a front kick. He lands one to the leg though. Now a right hook. He tries for a spinning backfist, but misses and Tybura goes into the clinch.

Arlovski walks him back to the cage, but Tybura reverses and presses Arlovski to the cage. Tybura trying for a takedown, but Arlovski is defending it for now.

Tybura continuing to try for single leg and partially manages to get Arlovski down to one knee. Arlovski stands with Tybura still on him and he lands the takedown properly at the second attempt.

That’s a big moment for Tybura, but can he keep Arlovski down for the three minutes that remain?

Tybura attempts to move from half guard to full mount, but almost loses the position entirely before getting back to half guard.

Arlovski trying to scramble, but Tybura is able to take his back now with 90 second to go. Desperate time for Arlovski. He needs to get out of this or he’s going to lose this fight.

Tybura into mount, then to the back again with Arlovski turtled up. Arlovski almost scrambles on top, but Tybura maintains top control and is back in half guard in the final 20 seconds.

Tybura with a few punches to end the round in a dominant position.


No real doubts about the winner here with Tybura decisively winning the first and third rounds to earn a unanimous decision victory (29-28 x3).

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