Marcin Tybura Defeats Ben Rothwell By Decision At UFC Fight Night 179

Marcin Tybura got the better of ‘Big’ Ben Rothwell tonight at UFC Fight Night 179 by unanimous decision.

Round One:

Rothwell marching forward to start and throws a punch, but Tybura lands too. Rothwell still trudges forward and unleashes a flurry of punches upstairs.

Rothwell launches into a punch. Another barrage of blows with an uppercut in there. Tybura lands a counter.

Rothwell again on the flurry and lands a body punch in there. Tybura with a couple of solid punches to the head.

One-two for Rothwell. Hook and a straight behind it from Tybura. Again Rothwell marching forward and throws left and right hands.

Rothwell tags Tybura again. Slapping strikes there from both men, with Rothwell sneaking one in to the body. Solid right hand from Rothwell, but Tybura connects with a jab immediately.

Solid left hand for Tybura. Hard right for Rothwell snaps Tybura’s head back. More punches for him and a kick.

Tybura with punches and a kick to the body. Rothwell with a brief thai clinch to land a punch and knee. Out of the clinch again. Tybura connects.

Dirty boxing in close from Rothwell, landing a nice uppercut in there. Rothwell tries for a head kick and staggers off-balance to the mat. He gets back up and tries to make up for it by barrelling forward with a few more punches to end the round.

Round Two:

leg kick for Rothwell. One in return from Tybura. Right hand for Rothwell. He lands again, but Tybura connects with a glancing blow too.

Inside leg kick from Tybura. Right hand for Rothwell. Now a reaching right hook. They clinch and trade a few punches. Tybura into the clinch against the cage, but Rothwell reverses the position. Tybura inches away from the cage and they get back to striking range.

Right hand for Tybura. Rothwell reaching with punches. leg kick for Rothwell and then a body punch. Front kick to the body from Tybura.

Tybura working uppercuts in the clinch now. Again to the clinch and Rothwell trying to work his uppercut too.

Flurry of punches from Rothwell. left hand for Tybura. Rothwell trying for punches and Tybura ducks into a takedown attempt that is stuffed.

Knee for Tybura. Kick for Rothwell. One-two for Tybura. Left hand for Tybura. leg kick for him. nice jab.

Punches for Rothwell as he marches forward, but also gets caught with a counter going in. Uppercut for Tybura to end the round and then Rothwell gets a bit over-eager to land again after the bell.

Round Three:

Jab for Tybura. Leg kick for Rothwell. One-two from Tybura. Now a kick. Punches land for Rothwell. Another one-two from Tybura.

Rothwell attempts a clinch, but Tybura keeps him off and lands a counter. leg kick for Tybura. Rothwell wading in hurling punches. Tybura works to the legs.

Right hand to the jaw from Rothwell. Pitter patter strikes at times from Tybura, but he’s connecting and conserving energy a bit better than Rothwell.

Rothwell tries for more punches and Tybura does well to bob and weave to avoid that. Now Tybura goes in for a takedown and lands it.

Tybura working in Rothwell’s guard. Tybura with some ground and pound. Tybura postures up then back down looking for more punches. he lands a nice solid elbow. He keeps his elbow on Rothwell’s neck and lands a few punches.

Again Tybura postures up and lands a few punches. A couple of hard elbows and Rothwell’s face is getting bloodied up as the round and fight draws to a close. Rothwell back up to his feet and looking a bit wobbled as he goes back to the stool to await the result.


Solid performance from Tybura then, racking up a high volume of strikes without gassing himself out and then also getting his wrestling and ground and pound going in the final round en-route to a unanimous decision victory (29-28 x3).

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