Marcin Tybura Defeats Stefan Struve By Decision At UFC Fight Night 134

Marcin Tybura used his superior wrestling to repeatedly bring Stefan Struve to the mat tonight at UFC fight Night 134 to emerge with a unanimous decision victory.

Round One:

Tybura with an early leg kick and one in return from Struve. Another leg kick for the Skyscraper. Head kick attempt from him, but blocked and not much power behind it.

Leg kick for Tybura. Now he times a nice takedown and ends up in Struve’s guard in the center of the Octagon. Hammerfists from Tybura, but not too much action here.

Hammerfist from Struve from the bottom. Tybura struggling to get Struve’s long legs here and eventually the ref forces the fighters to stand back up.

Lazy push kick from Struve. Left hook lands for Tybura. jab for Struve. Leg kick for Tybura. Another lands as Struve throws out the jab. Solid kick for Struve.

Uppercut for Tybura. Final 10 seconds and Tybura gets in on a takedown and lands it easily.

Round Two:

Right hand for Tybura. Crisper one-two for Struve in return. Now a right hand from him. Leg kick for Tybura. A few pawing punches from both men and then Tybura goes in on the takedown and lands it against the cage.

A few ground and pound punches for Tybura, but Struve’s doing a good job of tying up his hands a lot and using his legs to maintain distance.

Referee warns Struve for putting his toes through the fence for leverage. Struve unhappy, but has to get on with it. Tyvura with half-guard and lands a heavy elbow.

Nice work from Struve to quickly work to his feet. Blood now a deep cut below Struve’s lip and it’s gruesome. Struve a little more fired up though and lands punches as he marches forward.

Struve lands a big front kick to the head and suddenly Tybura is looking wobbled, but he goes in for a takedown and buys some time by driving the bigger man into the cage.

He eventually hoists him up into the air and puts him to the mat. Important for Tybura after being hurt on the feet. Not much happening here as he buys time to clear his head until the end of theround.

Round Three:

Struve looking to keep range in the early stages of the third round. A head kick attempt from the Skyscraper is just blocked.

leg kick for Tybura. inside leg kick from Struve in return. Push kick from Tybura. Leg kick again for Struve. Another from him, heavier this time.

Couple of punches to the head from Struve. Tybura in on a takedown attempt, but this time Struve stays upright. Undeterred, Tybura goes in again and this time presses him to the cage.

Hoisting him up he looks like he’s got it, but Struve somehow manages to stay on his feet. However, Tybura continues to work for it and works a trip, which finally topples the Skyscraper.

Half guard again for Tybura and landing elbows. Back into full guard Tybura lands a series of hammerfists from close range and stays busy in the final stages of the round, so we’re headed to the judges.


The judges have decided and it’s Tybura who emerges with a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x2, 29-28).

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