Mark Hunt TKO’s Derrick Lewis Late In Fourth Round At UFC Fight Night 110

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Mark Hunt gradually wore down Derrick Lewis tonight at UFC Fight Night 110, before TKO’ing his fatigued foe late in the fourth round.

Round One:

The main event of the evening is underway in Auckland, New Zealand.

Lewis with a teep kick to the body to start. Lewis already clearly looking to operate from range. He jumps into the body kick and then gets back out of danger. Solid leg kick from him now.

Hunt trying to figure a way inside. He suddenly bursts forward with a few punches. Lewis threatens with a big kick as Hunt backs up.

Hunt back to stalking Lewis. Lewis tries for a leg kick, but this time Hunt checks it and follows up with punches.

Head kick attempt from Lewis is blocked. Hunt steps into a big elbow strike and Lewis tries for a takedown that’s stuffed.

Big right from Lewis sends Hunt backwards. Hunt is also bleeding from his shin as a result of that earlier checked kick.

The two get into the clinch momentarily and look to land heavy leather. Back to striking range they go. Solid leg kick from Hunt.

Lewis suddenly charges forward into a flying knee to the body. Now he threatens with a head kick that misses. Hunt with a big leg kick.

Round Two:

Big head kick attempt from Lewis that’s blocked but still landed hard. He tries a front kick to the head, but hits fresh air.

Grazing shot from Lewis. Now a kick from him and soon after a hard body kick. Hunt wades in with a two-piece combo close to the cage.

Leg kick for Hunt. Another one for him to Lewis’ lead leg. Hunt comes marauding forwards again, but runs straight into an eye-poke that forces a brief stoppage.

Head kick blocked from Lewis. Hunt loads up on a huge right hand that doesn’t connect and Lewis almost finds a home for a hard counter.

Switch kick upstairs from Lewis just misses. Body punch from Hunt. Flying knee to the body from Lewis. Big right hand lands for Hunt. That hurt Lewis, but he’s trying not to show it.

Hunt marches Lewis down and unloads again. Lewis in reverse gear now. He does land a right hand though. Hunt still coming forward and again Lewis finds a home for a hard right hand.

Hunt still pressing forward and unleashes several punches. Head kick attempt from Lewis. Powerful left hook lands for Hunt just as the round ends. Some big moments for Hunt there, but Lewis is stil dangerous.

Round Three:

Head kick attempt from Lewis. Hunt back to stalking Lewis. He pumps out the jab. He tries to wade in with a left hook and misses. Lewis retaliates with winging strikes that don’t find a home.

Massive right hand from Lewis wings just over Hunt’s head. Now it’s Hunt’s turn to try for the overhand right, but he doesn’t land either.

Jab for Hunt. Clubbing right hooks from Lewis. Solid uppercut for Hunt. Now a hard leg kick. A jab to the face from Hunt. Now a left hook. Lewis isn’t doing as good a job of maintaining distance at this stage in the fight.

Lewis lands an uppercut. He tries for a takedown, but is not going to get it. All of a sudden Lewis is starting to look very tired, putting his hands on his hips and taking some deep breaths.

Hunt continues to walk him down looking to land a big punch or kick, but not overextending himself. Lewis looking really gassed here and staggers slightly as he keeps reverseing. Final seconds of the round and Hunt lands a punch and a kick.

Round Four:

Body punch for Hunt as Lewis hesitates on the uppercut counter. Leg kick for Hunt. Solid body punch from Hunt. Lewis still looking tired out there.

He tries for a right hand but misses. Head kick attempt from Lewis, but doesn’t pay off. He does land a leg kick though, but Hunt returns the favor.

Jab and then the right hand from Hunt that hurts Lewis, but he stays on his feet. Lewis’ legs buckle for a moment, more from tiredness than anything else. He does land a solid punch though.

Hunt pressuring again, feeling out with the jab. Now a body punch. Two hooks for Hunt. Now a jab. Left hook for Lewis. Deep breaths from Lewis.

Left and then a big right hand from Hunt that staggers Lewis a bit, but he’s refusing to go down. He’s absolutely out on his feet though and Hunt continues to rip into him against the cage. Lewis is bent over, covering up his face as blows land and that’s it the referee has seen enough and steps in to save ‘The Black Beast’ from further punishment, giving Hunt the TKO victory!

Great win for Hunt tonight.  However, the big story after the fight is that Lewis not only revealed that a back injury had hampered him during the fight, but he also indicated that this could well be the last fight of his career, which no-one expected to hear from the 32-year-old.

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