Marlon Vera KO’s Dominick Cruz With 4th Round Head Kick At UFC On ESPN 41

Marlon Vera served up a stunning fourth round head kick knockout against Dominick Cruz in the main event of UFC On ESPN 41 tonight in San Diego.

Round One:

The bantamweight main event is underway in San Diego.

Cruz with a head kick attempt followed by quick punches. Another head kick attempt and flurry of punches from Cruz.

Jab for Cruz. Now a body kick for Cruz. Cruz light on his feet and then lands a low kick.

Front kick to the body from Vera, but Cruz bundles him to the mat and lands a few kicks before he’s able to get back up.

Vera with a solid left hook that drops Cruz, who quickly scrambles to try for a takedown and then stands back up.

Cruz with a flurry of left and right hands as he presses forward. Cruz reaches for a single leg but then gives up on it and throws an overhand that misses.

A couple of glancing blows from Cruz. Now a low kick. Front kick to the body from Vera. He lands that again. Cruz targets the body and continues to press forward with punches and then a head kick attempt that comes off the guard.

Vera pumps out the jab and follows up with a right hand. Cruz with a flurry. Now Cruz darts into a takedown attempt and lands it in the center of the Octagon. He’s in Vera’s full guard with 30 seconds to work. He’s looking for strikes, but then Vera works for an armbar that Cruz manages to escape from and stands over him.

Round Two:

Body punch for Cruz. Cruz lands a combination and works for a knee too. Body kick from Cruz. Now an inside leg kick and a right hand down the pipe.

Head kick attempt from Cruz doesn’t pay off. Low kick from Cruz. He tries for a flurry, but Vera is always looking to counter.

Cruz darts in with a right hand. Now a body kick. Body kick from Vera. Cruz with punches down the middle. No a body punch for Cruz. Punches upstairs from Cruz and a counter from Vera.

Leg kick for Cruz. Back to the body with a punch. Vera stalking him, but Cruz presents an elusive target.

Another combination from Cruz and then motions at Vera. He lands another punch. Vera stays calm.

Front kick to the body from Vera. Swings and misses from Cruz, but does land a body punch. Another flurry from him. Vera with a nice solid punch.

Overhand left for Cruz. Jabs and a right hand for Cruz. Now a body kick and a right hand from Cruz. A one-two lands and then a takedown attempt that doesn’t pay off. Vera fires off a front kick upstairs, but it misses the mark.

Jab from Cruz. Vera with a head kick but it only partially lands and Cruz seems fine.

Round Three:

A coupe of missed punches from Cruz. He does land an inside leg kick though and light punches upstairs. Low kick from Cruz and then a barrage of blows behind it that stops when Vera lands a heavier punch of his own.

Missed front kick upstairs from Vera. Cruz slips while looking to attack. He throws a body kick. Double jab and then a right hand buckles Cruz’s legs.

Cruz just avoids dropping to the mat and then throws punches in retaliation. Cruz fakes a takedown, but only narrowly avoids getting clocked by a counter as he does so.

leg kick from Cruz and Vera throws two punches upstairs in response. Jab for Vera as he starts to pick up his pace a little.

Cruz attempts a takedown, but Vera sprawls and stuffs it. Cruz with a light flurry. Uppercut from Cruz. He lands a nice left hand and Vera lands a counter.

Front kick to the body from Vera. Hook lands for Cruz. Now a right hand gets through. Another light right connects.

Cruz goes for a takedown attempt against the cage, but Vera is defending and lands a couple of elbows for good measure.

Cruz backs off. Jab lands for both men as the round comes to a close.

Round Four:

Cruz with punches and then attempts a takedown off it, but Vera stuffs it. Cruz lands and Vera falls back off-balance, but not hurt.

Cruz with a body punch. Vera pressing forward and lands a jab that puts Cruz down. He gets straight back up though.

Body punch from Cruz. Light left hand from Vera. One-two for Cruz. He lands again. Cruz ducks into a huge head kick from Vera that sends him dropping face-first onto the canvas. Vera wades in looking to seal the deal and that’s it, a huge KO victory for Vera at 2.17mins of the fourth round!

Cruz tries to stand but is still on wobbly legs and his nose looks broken. What a highlight-reel finish for Vera against a bantamweight legend!

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