Mateusz Gamrot Beats Jalin Turner By Split Decision At UFC 285

Mateusz Gamrot accepted this fight with Jalin Turner at UFC 285 on short notice and was rewarded with a split-decision victory.

Round One:

Low kicks exchanged to start. Lunging punch from Gamrot misses. This time Gamrot steps in and does land a punch. Again he gets in and out of range to land a punch without being caught in return.

Now a leg kick for Gamrot. He reaches down for a leg but can’t get it and has to abandon ship on that attempt.

Gamrot throws a punch to disguise a takedown attempt and lands it in the center of the Octagon. Turner moves his way back towards the cage and slowly works his way upright.

Gamrot still clinched up though and keeps him pressed into the cage. Nice work from Turner though to get some space, land a knee and then exit to striking range.

Gamrot goes for a punch and seems to get clipped himself and drops. However, as Turner follows him, Gamrot scrambles and is able to carefully get on top and secure half-guard.

Turner again scrambles back to the cage and stands up, with Gamrot still clinched up. They separate now and Turner tries a spinning kick that doesn’t quite hit the mark.

Round Two:

Nice body punch from Gamrot. Now a solid body kick from Turner. calf kick for Gamrot. Another body punch from Gamrot but almost ate a counter-knee.

Leg kick for Gamrot. Reaching left hand from Turner. Turner tries for a head kick, but it’s blocked. Right hand for Gamrot. Now a low kick. Another lands.

Overhand for Gamrot. Now a calf kick from Turner. Takedown attempt from Gamrot but eats a strike. He gets back up.

Heavy right hand from Turner backs Gamrot up. Concern from him and he tries to go for a takedown again, but Turner stuffs it and forces him to continue to stand and trade.

Turner lands a couple of body kicks as Gamrot tries to catch them without success. Another kick from Turner and this time Gamrot does grab hold and brings him down in the center of the Octagon.

Gamrot setting up the crucifix position and lands a few blows. Turner gets him back to half-guard. Punches to the head from Gamrot as he looks to stay busy. Turner tries to scramble out, but isn’t able to get free and Gamrot goes back to crucifix and lands rapid-fire short punches.

Back in half-guard again now and he stays there in the final few seconds of the round.

Round Three:

Nicely timed straight left for Gamrot. Now he manages to land a takedown, close to the cage this time.

Turner able to work back to his feet against the cage. Gamrot tries to throw him back down and it doesn’t quite pay off, with Turner partially landing on top. Gamrot quickly scrambles though to maintain the dominant position and as they stand back up he pushes Turner into the cage again.

The ref opts to break them up soon afterwards and the action restarts at striking range. Solid left hand for Turner. Gamrot in on another takedown, but Turner sprawls on that to deny him.

Gamrot lunging into a punch and Turner counters with a knee. Gamrot working for a single-leg now and brings Turner over to the cage as he tries to get the takedown.

Turner down on one-knee as he continues to defend. Gamrot working around to the back as Turner stands back up. Gamrot drags him back down to end the round on top as we head to the scorecards.


Good competitive fight then, but Gamrot’s superior wrestling helped him to grind out a split decision victory (29-28, 28-29, 30-27).

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