Matheus Nicolau KO’s Matt Schnell In 2nd Round At UFC On ESPN 42

Natheus Nicolau rocked Matt Schnell several times on his way to a second round knockout victory tonight at UFC On ESPN 42.

Round One:

Nice right hand from Nicolau. Schnell taking the center of the Octagon as Nicolau moves side to side. Leg kick for Nicolau as Schnell looked for punches.

A couple of punches get through for Schnell. Body kick for Schnell now. Calf kick for Nicolau. Sneaky left hand gets through for Nicolau.

Nicolau steps into a big left hand and sits Schnell down hard. he hesitates for a moment to follow him down, then does go to the mat and lands a brief flurry of strikes before Schnell gets back up again.

Nicolau looking for that hook again as Schnell continues to try to pressure him. Nicolau’s counter striking looks crips. he lands a leg kick.

Round Two:

Schnell again back to pressuring and looks for straight punches. lateral movement from side to side for Nicolau. Nicolau steps in with a solid punch and then gets a takedown for good measure.

Nicolau in Schnell’s guard, but then backs out and goes back to his feet. Beautiful counter punch from Nicolau, pivoting off to the side after landing it.

Schnell continuing to march forward regardless, but Nicolau again puts him down on the counter with a right hook. Schnell can only cover up on his knees as Nicolau rains down ground and pound punches for the KO finish at 1.44mins of the second round.

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