Matt Brown And Ray Longo Rip Into Colby Covington After Loss To Leon Edwards

UFC veteran Matt Brown and long-time coach Ray Longo have both mercilessly ripped into Colby Covington after all his pre-fight trash-talk fizzled out when it came time to fight Leon Edwards for the welterweight title on Saturday night, leading to a convincing unanimous decision loss.

“Like Dana [White] said, this sport doesn’t wait for no one,” Brown said on the Fighter vs. Writer podcast. “Taking two years off and the sport evolving didn’t help him one bit. He should have been fighting that whole time. On top of that, we know who should have had this fight anyway.

“Colby’s career has been built with his mouth and good for him. We all know who he is now but it’s mainly been built with his mouth. He’s won some good fights but his performances, other than the Robbie Lawler fight in my opinion, have never been that impressive. He is where he is because of his mouth and one hand, I’m like good for you, you made some money. On the other hand, when you start saying s*** like he did last week, it’s like is it worth the money to have your reputation ruined? Like who’s going to want to do business with you? Who’s going to have respect for you as a person? Maybe f******* Donald Trump will but if he has any respect for himself, he wouldn’t either. Could you imagine a president being cool with a guy that said the kind of s*** that Colby said? It’s ludicrous.”

Brown wasn’t finished there though, making it clear that he has zero interest in seeing Covington compete again.

“I think I speak for everyone, we don’t really care if we see him again or not. I don’t think there’s a lot of people excited to see him fight again. [His comments were] just disgusting. Why the f*** would you say some s*** like that? You’re not getting in his head. That’s not going to change the fight. If somehow because you talked about his murdered dad, if that won you the fight, is that something to be proud of? It’s not going to win a single fight for you but would you be proud of that?”

Meanwhile on a different podcast, head coach of the Serra-Longo Fight team Ray Longo was equally scathing in his assessment of both Covington’s performance and his persona.

“I’ve got absolutely no use for the guy at all. I just don’t,” Longo said on the “Anik & Florian Podcast.” “Ever since he threatened you (Anik), he knows where you live, he can go f*ck himself. Couldn’t give a sh*t about that guy. What he did with Leon Edwards I think is atrocious. You know, there’s promoting a fight, then there’s being a total f*cking misfit in life, and that’s the way I see it with that guy.”

While many people were disgusted by Covington’s cruel remarks about Edwards deceased father in the build-up to the fight, Longo was also left fuming at the title contender’s outlandish claim that fellow UFC 296 fighter Stephen Thompson might be a pedophile just because he teaches kids karate.

“Colby, you’re sucking the f*cking life out of the community,” Longo said. “Like a leech on society, and now you’re attacking this guy. It’s just too much for me. I don’t care for it. And, man, talk about karma, because what a piece of sh*t that fight was. I mean, the guy did absolutely nothing and to be able to take a pro-Colby crowd, and by the end of the fight have the crowd against you, good luck, my man.

“I hope it was worth the money, the extra 25 percent or whatever. I hope it was worth it, because I can promise you that he will regret a lot of sh*t for the rest of your life. I think he cost (Donald) Trump the election. How’s that? ‘Oh, Mr. President, Mr. President is here to watch me. Who do you got? The Queen of England.’ This motherf*cker called somebody a dope? I’d love to see this guy’s college transcripts. He’s a f*cking moron.”

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