Max Holloway Beats Arnold Allen By Unanimous Decision At UFC On ESPN 44

Max Holloway earned a unanimous decision victory in the main event of UFC On ESPN 44 in Kansas City tonight, but Arnold Allen made him work hard for it.

Round One:

The featherweight main event is underway in Kansas City.

Allen pressing forward and lands a leg kick. He lands another. Inside leg kick from Allen, but it strays to the groin and forces a brief stoppage.

Inside calf kick from Holloway. Now a quick flurry from him. Holloway pumps out the jab and Allen throws a high kick attempt.

Holloway punches to the body. Thumping counter left from Allen, but Holloway takes it well.

Body punch from Holloway. Head kick attempt from Allen. One-two for Holloway. Body punch from Allen. Both fighters look sharp and focused here.

Body kicks from Allen. Now a kick of his own lands high to the body. Allen misses a punch and then only just whistles past the target with a head kick.

Flurry from Holloway, but Allen was backing up from most of that. One-two from Allen. Jumping kick from Holloway. Now a knee. Allen stalking forward in the final seconds of the round and Holloway throws up a head kick attempt.

Round Two:


Both men looking to find their range early in the second round. Now Allen lands a couple of hard punches. Now a front kick to the body from Allen as his confidence builds.

Hard counter straight left from Allen. Low kick from Holloway. Inside leg kick and two punches behind it for Allen.

Glancing overhand from Allen. Now a body kick. Holloway lands one of his own. Jab from Allen. He misses with a few punches and then tries to land a head kick.

Stiff jab from Holloway. Holloway fires a combination to the head and then to the body.

Push kick to the body from Allen. Big body kick from Holloway. Constant pressure from Allen. He lands the jab. Push kick from Allen. Body kick from Holloway. Spinning kick from Holloway just misses.

Round Three:

Jab for Holloway as he circles away from allen’s forward pressure. Nice fast flurry from Holloway.

Jab for Allen. left hand from Allen off a hook attempt. Head kick attempt from Holloway. left hand for the former champ.

Jab for Holloway. He lands it again. Allen tries to double up on hooks but doesn’t connect. Another head kick attempt for Holloway.

Holloway lands to the body. Again he tries for the head kick, but it doesn’t pay off. Jabs land for Allen. Body kick for Holloway and Allen caught but couldn’t hold that.

Jab for Allen. Body punch from him. Nice calf kick for Holloway. Exchange of punches. Jab for Holloway. Body kick from him.

Jab, another punch and then a body kick from Holloway. Body punches for Allen. Body kick for Holloway. Now a spinning backfist from him.

Round Four:

Body punch from Allen. Now a leg kick. Jab for Allen. Head kick attempt from Allen. Jab gets through for Allen. Body kick from Holloway. Spinning high kick from Holloway comes up short.

Body punch from Allen and Holloway returns fire. calf kick for Holloway as Allen works the jab. Body punch from Holloway.

Body kick for Allen. Another body kick for Holloway as Allen lands a punch. Punch for Holloway, body kick for Allen.

Lazy body kick from Holloway is caught by Allen, but Holloway is able to get away.

Oblique kick for Holloway. Kick from Allen. Allen shoves Holloway away as he gets close. Nice punch for HOlloway.

Body punch from Holloway. Good left hand for Allen. Spinning head kick from Holloway just misses and he stumbles afterwards, but recovers quickly.

Allen attempts a head kick. Holloway returns the favor, but neither getting through the guard. Spinning body kick from Allen and Holloway attempts a final head kick that’s blocked before the round ends.

Round Five:

Allen marches forward and immediately lands a nice punch. He looks for a flurry but doesn’t connect.

Another nice punch from Allen who is showing the kind of urgency you’d like to see in the final round.

Big elbow and knee from Holloway. Body kick for Holloway. Counter right from Holloway as Allen tries to flurry.

Solid body kick from Holloway. Allen clinches up and walks Holloway over to the cage. Holloway able to break free though.

Jab for Allen, but then eats a body kick. Right hand for Allen. Now he lands a nice left hand. Head kick from Allen almost partially got through there and then throws another.

Punches from Allen as he really puts Holloway under pressure. Body kick from Holloway. He lands another as he jumps backwards. Allen just misses on a head kick.

nice left hand from Allen but misses on a follow-up hook. Side kick from Holloway. Allen kicks and Holloway stumbles to the mat for a moment, then Allen threatens with a head kick as he immediately bounces back up.

Clinching up now. Final 10 seconds and Allen lands a big punch and motions Holloway on. Holloway obliges and drops him to his knees with a punch, though Allen rises straight back up as the horn sounds.


A competitive fight then from start to finish, but while Allen proved that he belongs among the best in the division, Holloway was just a bit sharper and slicker with his work as the rounds progressed to earn himself a unanimous decision victory (49-46 x2, 48-47).

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