Max Holloway Fights To Doctor Stoppage TKO Victory Against Brian Ortega At UFC 231

Max Holloway successfully defended his featherweight title in style tonight at UFC 231, dishing Brian Ortega out a brutal beatdown, leading to a doctor stoppage after the fourth round, though to his credit the challenger not only showed off an incredible chin, but also dished out some heavy shots of his own.

Round One:

The main event featherweight title fight is underway in Toronto!

Body punch for Holloway. Ortega pumping out the jab. Jab lands for Holloway. Right hand for him now. Ortega tries to land but Holloway steps out of range.

Body punch for Holloway. leg kick for Ortega. Nice one-two for Holloway. Big Holloway chant in the crowd. Uppercut from Ortega misses and Holloway lands another one-two.

Right hand connects for Holloway and then other heavier one soon after. Kick for Ortega. Solid body shot for Holloway. Again the champion works to the body with punches.

Good punches land for Holloway and Ortega lands on the counter too. Straight right for Holloway. ortega with a good elbow.

Heavy right hand lands for Holloway. Ortega shaking his head and Holloway nods his. Then Ortega goes for a takedown and lands it, but Holloway does well to get back up quickly.

Holloway back to landing some solid shots here. Jab lands for Ortega. Quick right for Holloway. Now a right that hurts Ortega and Holloway showboats, mimicing him being on shaky legs.

Ortega is a tough character though and he comes back swinging as the round comes to a close.

Round Two

Jab finds a home for Holloway. Now a leg kick. One-two’s for Holloway. He gets another straight right through. Now a leg kick for the champion. Another strike lands clean.

Ortega wades forward and lands a body shot. Speedy hand combination from Holloway. Now a short right hand. Holloway tags Ortega with precision punches and Ortega’s nose is now bleeding from the nose.

Holloway landing again and showboating again as he leaves his chin open. However Ortega does land a hard punch to keep him honest. They exchange and Ortega does get through again.

Ortega’s face now soaked with blood though and he’s still finding a home for his punches with relative ease. Another solid punch for Ortega though.

Punches for Holloway, counter from Ortega and a big elbow for Holloway. Right hand turns Ortega’s chin. Straight right from Ortega.

3-4 punch combination from Holloway. Body punch from Ortega inside and then one to the head. Hook for Holloway and a right for Ortega. The round ends and both fighters stand and stare at each other.

Round Three:

Ortega taking the center of the Octagon to start. Solid body kick for the challenger. Right hand for Ortega. Holloway with a right hand in close.

Body work for Holloway. Solid right hand for Ortega. He lands again and Holloway seems slightly wobbled by that. Ortega pressing forward and then works a takedown. Holloway able to scramble up as Ortega threatened to go for a choke.

Back to striking range they go. Ortega gaining confidence now as a he lands a punch and kick. Now an elbow. Holloway with a four-piece combo.

Now Ortega with an uppercut during a combo. Holloway lands a punch. Big elbow for Holloway. Holloway still landing almost at will at times to the head though.

Ortega into the clinch against the cage. Nice elbow from Holloway as he moves away. Combination from Holloway.

Whipping elbow from Holloway in close. Right hand for Holloway. Uppercut threatening for Ortega and then a right hand.

Head kick lands for Ortega. Crisp right hand from Holloway. The champ landing more straight punches. He lands a couple as Ortega tries to move in for a takedown. Ortega clinches instead and presses Holloway up to the cage to end the round.

Round Four:

Big right hand for Holloway. Ortega has a strong chin though. Left-right for Holloway who is putting more juice into his punches here.

He lands again then showboats in the center of the Octagon. Punch for Ortega but eats two in return. Holloway again cracks Ortega.

Big punches for Ortega. Body punches for Holloway and then upstairs with good punches. Holloway with several clean shots and Ortega is hurt.

Incredible heart from Ortega though as he throws punches in return despite being in trouble. Holloway continuing to find Ortega’s head though.

A long series of punches get through for Holloway and that forces Ortega to swoop in for the clinch and press the champ against the cage looking to buy some time and regain some sense of control.

Ortega tries to jump into a choke, but nothing doing. They peel away and Ortega’s face is a mess. Holloway pouring on the pressure going to the body and head. Holloway tries to bring Ortega down and work a submission, but Ortega gets out and Holloway backs away.

Holloway back to teeing off on Ortega. A big punch buckles Ortega’s legs and he goes to the mat with Holloway managing to get into full mount. Ortega looking to scramble and go for a leg and Holloway steps out.

Back on the feet Holloway connects repeatedly to the head of Ortega. Brutal beatdown being handed out here, but Ortega is ridiculously tough and just won’t give up as the round comes to a close.

Ortega’s face is covered in blood, his left eye swelling badly and he’s eaten an alarming amount of punches, so it’s somewhat of a relief that inbetween rounds the fight is waved off, with holloway being handed a TKO Victory at 5.00mins due to a doctor’s stoppage.

A terrific title defense from Holloway then that shows he is still fit, healthy and one of the best fighters in the sport today.

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