Maycee Barber Beats Montana De La Rosa By Unanimous Decision

Maycee Barber picked up her second win in a row tonight in Las Vegas with a unanimous decision victory over Montana De La Rosa.

Round One:

Calf kick for Barber and then gets away from the counter punches from De La Rosa. Barber moves into range throwing punches that don’t hit the mark, but uses that to clinch up and look for a takedown against the cage.

De La Rosa stays upright for now though. Barber with an elbow and then a knee, but then De La Rosa turns her into the cage.

De La Rosa looking for a takedown and Barber ends up pulling her opponent down on top of her. Could be a bad spot for her, but she manages to scramble back up soon afterwards and is back in the clinch against the cage.

They jockey for position against the cage and now it’s De La Rosa who has the advantageous position. Barber turns into her, but De La Rosa returns the favor and looks for a throw that doesn’t pay off.

Barber back pressing De La Rosa into the cage now. She lands a knee to the thigh. Now she creates space to land a powerful couple of strikes.

Takedown attempt from Barber, but it’s partially stuffed and they go back upright. Now more heavy leather from Barber, putting a lot of power into her punches and the occasional elbow in there too. De La Rosa turns her into the cage as the round ends.

Round Two:

Right hand lands for De La Rosa and then they are back into the clinch with De La Rosa getting Barber over to the cage. Both ladies look to land a knee.

De La Rosa trying to drag Barber down and gets her to one knee. Barber able to stand again, but then De La Rosa attempts to hop onto her back. Not a perfect position, but she stays on as they go to the mat.

De La Rosa trying to secure this position, but Barber trying to scramble out. De La Rosa transitioning for a potential armbar from her back, but Barber stays wise to it and gradually manages to get out of danger and settles on top in half-guard.

Elbows to the head land for Barber. Big swing and a miss from Barber and De La Rosa uses that space to scramble up and get on top in her opponents guard before the round ends.

Round Three:

Right hand from De La Rosa. Now a jab lands for her. They go back into the clinch and De La Rosa gets Barber to the cage.

Barber working towards the back now and gets it and lands some hard right hands. Now a knee to the back of the thigh and more punches upstairs.

De La Rosa gets her back to the cage now. Hard right elbow from Barber. De La Rosa able to reverse the clinch now.

Barber with a knee. They battle for position. Barber manages to work around to her back again. She tries for a rear-naked choke for a moment, but immediately gives up on it. Now a solid knee from Barber.

Barber looks for a takedown and drags De La Rosa down to her knees. De La Rosa able to battle back up and lands an elbow. They clinch again and De La Rosa walks her over to the cage, eating a knee in the process. Short elbow from De La Rosa as they break away and that’s the final action of the round.


The judges are unanimous in their decision here and it’s Barber who emerges with her hand raised (30-27 x3).

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