Maycee Barber Beats Up Hannah Cifers In Bloody Battle At UFC Fight Night 139

Maycee Barber made an immediate impact in her debut tonight at UFC Fight Night 139, beating up and bloodying Hannah Cifers en-route to a second round TKO stoppage.

Round One:

leg kicks for Cifer to start, but Barber returns with punches. Right hand for Cifers in close. Leg kicks for Cifers and a big punch in return from Barber.

They get in close and start trading punches and Barber seems to be getting the better of it. Barber tries for a takedown, but Cifers stays upright.

Barber continuing to work in the clinch and they jockey for position against the cage. Cifers manages to reverse the clinch and lands a few strikes, then Barber is back in control before they split.

Knee for Barber after missing with a kick. left hook for Barber and then into the clinch. Still they battle in the clinch. Cifers looks a lot physically smaller than Barber, but is fighting off her takedown attempts so far and working some strikes from the clinch when she can.

Barber continuing to work for a potential takedown against the cage here as we approach the final minute of the round. Barber tries for the trip takedown, but there’s nothing doing and Cifers lands a punch on the way out.

Front kick to the head just seems to graze Cifers face. Big elbow from Barber in close. Another lands for her as the round comes to a close.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Cifers. Kick for Barber and then they trade punches. Barber with more venom behind her shots so far. into the clinch and Barber lands a big elbow that opens an instant cut close to Cifer’s right eye.

Barber looking to bring her to the mat and they scramble, with Barber ending up on top. She postures over Cifer and lands a punch and then elbows.

Cifers gives up her back and Barber lands more strikes that splatters more of her opponents blood on the mat. Cifers rolls to her back again and eats more big shots. Her face is soaked in crimson at this point and the referee takes pity on Cifers and steps in to end the fight, giving Barber a brutal TKO victory with 2.01mins on the clock.

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