Mayweather Promotions CEO Signals Interest In Conor McGregor Rematch

Conor McGregor recently discussed how he thought he could win a rematch against Floyd Mayweather Jr in the boxing ring, and that appears to have caught the attention of Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe.

“I was whooping him in the early rounds,” McGregor told Tony Robbins in an interview last week. “I actually went back to my corner after the first round and said ‘this is easy’. I literally said that to my corner man, this is easy and then he had to switch up his style.

“Now you’ve got to respect that. That’s what a crafty veteran can do. He can switch his style. He switched it to that old Mexican boxing style. . . He never fought like that in his entire career. He was forced to fight that way cause he was getting beaten when he was fighting his old way.

“The approach caught me off guard. I was not prepared for it. I was not used to it and he walked me down and ended up getting the stoppage. The referee I felt could have let it go, I would have liked to see the end of the round, get my breathing back, get a little more comfortable.”

“I believe I would win [in a rematch]. Actually, there I go again with the fake humbleness — I know I would win.”

When asked for his thoughts on McGregor’s comments, Ellerbe indicated that there was a real possibility that the rematch could take place.

“That’s interesting. I hadn’t heard that but Conor McGregor knows he’s always welcome to that ass-whooping,” Ellerbe told TMZ Sports. “I have the utmost respect for Conor, Dana, and those guys. If Conor McGregor wants some of that smoke again, he knows what he’s got to do.”

“All he’s got to do is call Dana. That’s all he has to do. I can’t speak for Floyd but I’ll tell you what, Conor McGregor, if he wants that ass-whooping again, I’m sure Floyd would oblige to that.”

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