Michael Bisping And Rashad Evans Urge Diego Sanchez To Ditch Coach Joshua Fabia

Former UFC champions Michael Bisping and Rashad Evans have both publicly urged Diego Sanchez to ditch his controversial coach and advisor Joshua Fabia after the veteran fighter was released from the promotion.

“Hopefully Joshua Fabia will look back on this with deep shame and regret one day,” Bisping wrote on Twitter. “What a toxic little shit. And I don’t even know the guy. Sorry Diego, I know that’s your boy but you gotta get rid of him.

“He’s an absolute legend of the game. I have the upmost respect. But I can’t stand to see this manipulative little prick meddling in Diego’s affairs and ultimately costing him his position in the company. Playing games with medical clearance. An utter fool.”

Meanwhile, Rashad Evans also seprately spoke out on the matter, and directly addressed the elephant in the room – suspicions about the movitation behind Fabia demanding Sanchez’s complete collection of medical records.

“Diego the UFC gave you a chance to compete as long as you did because they actually cared about you,” Evans wrote. “You were the original TUF champ and they took care of you for that.”

“You messed around and let that con artist Josh Fabia use you to try and get a lawsuit against the UFC. They sensed it because it was obvious that your manager / coach was about to get litigious. I wish you the best my friend but you must get this guy out of your life. He is a parasite.”

When discussing this ongoing story it’s also worth knowing Sanchez’s past-history, as the fighter has openly discussed the fact that earlier in his career he had been taken advantage of by another so-called friend who took over his business affairs.

“‘Go big or go home.’ I used to say that,” Sanchez told BleacherReport back in 2012. “I was addicted to that. The lifestyle, the fame. The girls. The parties.

“With that came a lot of people who didn’t really care about me. They were just leeches. Just very bad people. I had to learn a lot. I was very gullible.

“I trusted the wrong person with finances and the guy ended up breaking my bank. I lost my money in Ponzi schemes. If it wasn’t enough to be wasting a lot of it, one of my best friends totally done me dirty and wiped me out.”

It’s clear that some of Sanchez’s fellow fighters now fear that he’s being taken advantage of again, but it remains to be seen if ‘The Nightmare’ will take heed of their, and many others, warnings.

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