Michael Bisping Roasts Fan For Criticising Anthony Smith After Loss

Michael Bisping didn’t take kindly to a fan criticising his ‘Believe You Me’ podcast co-host Anthony Smith during a live stream on his YouTube channel on Saturday night after seeing ‘Lionheart’ suffer a convincing decision loss to Johnny Walker.

“Ant was smashed. Especially after the talk he did,” a fan named Tali Ban UK wrote after tipping Bisping $2 for a superchat comment on YouTube.

Fan or not, Bisping was ruthless in his comeback as he blasted the commentator with both barrels.

“What do you mean? What do you expect him to say?” Bisping responded. “Why are you going to be a hater? Why are you gonna come on here and talk crap? Listen, after the talk that he did? Of course, you’re going to go into a fight confident. I’m assuming you’ve never stepped into a competitive realm in your life. If you go into something, you can’t go in there expecting to lose. You go in there hoping to win. You do the work that you’re gonna win, and you have a positive mindset. You don’t walk around going, ‘Oh, god. This is gonna be really tough. I don’t know if I can do this.’ Because that means you’re already defeated, Tali Ban GB.

“So, have a little look at yourself in the mirror. You shouldn’t be celebrating the fact that somebody got beaten in a fight they pursue where they put their life, their body and their health on the line for your entertainment. You know, you should say, ‘Well, you know, fair play to Johnny Walker.’ We have to celebrate that, but you don’t kick a man while he’s f*cking down.

“So, if you want to go f*ck off and unsubscribe, take your $2 f*cking dollars back, stick it up your f*cking ass, you pr*ck.”

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