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Michael Bisping Wants To Fight Daniel Cormier

UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping has a huge fight ahead of him against Georges St-Pierre at UFC 217 in NYC on November 4th, and just recently has started floating the idea of retiring afterwards, but it seems there’s one superfight that could tempt him to postpone hanging up his gloves for a little while longer.

“I was working with Daniel Cormier at the weekend, and whilst first and foremost it was a lot of fun … all he kept talking about all weekend was, ‘Mike, I want to fight you next, I want to fight you.'” Bisping said on the latest episode of his ‘Believe You Me’ podcast.

“On air, off-air, at the hotel, constantly like, ‘Mike, I will break you within five minutes.’ I was like, ‘dude, are you crazy. Do you really believe that?'”

“So, I don’t know if he’s joking, if he’s serious, but if he is serious, I’ll fight him next,” Bisping claimed. “Even though I said last week, ‘I’m going to retire,’ I would fight Daniel Cormier, cos that would be a huge fight.”

Not only that, but Bisping believes he could beat the current light-heavyweight champion.

“Listen, I really do, of course I do,” Bisping said when asked if he thought he had what it takes to beat ‘DC’. “I respect Dan, but everybody’s beatable. I’m beatable as well. Everybody’s beatable, but as fighters we have this mindset. I’m not just saying it to get a big fight.

“DC is a hell of a man. He’s a big, strong wrestler, he’s a great athlete. He’s a good dude, I like him, but yeah, of course, why not? Why wouldn’t I think that?”

Of course, in order for this fight to become even a remote possibility then Bisping would have to beat GSP first, which will be no easy task, but nevertheless, it seems that it’s far from certain that ‘The Count’ will be calling time on his career at Madison Square Garden before the end of the year.

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