Michael Chiesa Dominates Diego Sanchez to Decision Win At UFC 239

Michael Chiesa was able to dominate Diego Sanchez on the mat tonight at UFC 239, but wasn’t able to find a submission finish and had to settle for a unanimous decision victory instead.

Round One:

Sanchez goes for an early single leg and takes him down, though Chiesa does well to work a reversal off of that. Now Chiesa transitions for an armbar. It doesn’t pay off though and Sanchez scrambles on top.

Chiesa back up and then brings Sanchez down. They stand and Chiesa throws a nice knee upstairs. Chiesa clinching against the cage, but then Sanchez reverses.

Nice trip from Chiesa gets Sanchez back down. Chiesa trying for a triangle, then takes the back. Sanchez on his knees and posturing, but Chiesa sinks his arm under the chin and it looks tight. Somehow Sanchez survives that attempt though.

Now Chiesa changes to landing hard elbows to the head, while Sanchez is throwing reverse elbows to the thigh.

Chiesa working on top, but then Sanchez scrambles on top. Very nice switch from Chiesa to get back on top though.

Chiesa with a little ground and pound. Sanchez using his legs to lift Chiesa, but can’t get him fully off. Sanchez able to stand against the cage in the final seconds of the round, but eats a knee upstairs.

Round Two:

Sanchez with a flurry of strikes, but Chiesa brings him down straight away. Sanchez attempts to scramble, but chiesa stops that and starts landing some ground and pound.

Sanchez moves to the cage. he’s able to stand under fire, but Chiesa still has him in the clinch. Big elbow for Chiesa and then a good blitz against the cage before working another takedown.

Clean connections with the elbow from Chiesa. A few hammerfists now. Sanchez attempting to sweep here, then thinks about a leg lock. Chiesa stops that though and then manages to take Sanchez’s back and flattens him out.

Chiesa blasting away with strikes now. Chiesa trying to go for a choke, but Sanchez transitions on top. Chiesa stands back up, but Sanchez pressing him up against the cage. Clear size difference from this position though.

Chiesa spins behind Sanchez and brings him down. Chiesa in half-guard and is working a kimura attempt, but Sanchez rolls to his knees. Chiesa goes with him though and stays on his back in the final seconds of the round.

Round Three:

Hard straight right from Sanchez to start. Chiesa grabs a leg and works a takedown. Sanchez on his knees and trying to get on top. He has undeniable skill, but it’s hard work with Chiesa being so much bigger than him.

Sanchez does manage to stand-up, but is quickly brought back down. Sanchez to his knees and stands. Chiesa has his back and brings him down.

Again Sanchez scrambles to his knees. Chiesa landing right hands and a hard elbow. Pace slowing a bit now, but Chiesa still in control and trying to look for a rear-naked choke.

Final 10 seconds and Chiesa trying to work a neck crank as Sanchez tries to work some elbows.


No doubt about the winner here. Sanchez did the best he could to survive until the final bell, but Chiesa wins comfortably by unanimous decision (30-26 x3) with his dominant grappling.

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