Michael Chiesa Taps Out Carlos Condit With A Kimura At UFC 232

Michael Chiesa looked good in his welterweight debut tonight at UFC 232, earning a submission stoppage over Carlos Condit early in the second round courtesy of a kimura.

Round One

Early head kick attempt from Condit. Punches and another kick upstairs from Condit is deflected as he looks to start brightly, but Chiesa gets into the clinch.

Chiesa looking strong in the clinch here and then manages to land a nice takedown. Condit looking to threaten with an armbar, but Chiesa keeps away from that, scrambles and takes Condit’s back. Condit does a nice job of working back to his feet, but Chiesa stays clinched up.

Chiesa battling for the takedown again and trips him to the mat. Chiesa in half guard, but Condit gets him back to his full guard.

Two punches for Chiesa as he settles in here on top. More punches but then Condit throws up an armbar attempt and it looks good.

Condit starting to straighten out his arm here and it looks really dangerous, but then he manages to break free and escape.

Back on the feet, but it’s not long before Chiesa brings him down and they scramble for position with Condit eventually going for a leg lock that Chiesa manages to roll out of. Fun grappling action here though as they both continue scrambling with Chiesa having the wrestling edge, but Condit having some dangerous submission attempts.

Round Two:

Chiesa wading forward with punches to start the second round. Now he’s in on a takedown and lands it close to the cage.

Chiesa looking for a kimura here and he’s got it. This could get ugly as he starts to really crank on it, and that’s it, Condit is forced to tap. Impressive submission win for Chiesa at 0.56mins of the second round, making an immediate impression in his welterweight debut!

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