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Michael Johnson Defeats Artem Lobov By Decision At UFC Fight Night 138

Michael Johnson took this fight with Artem Lobov at UFC Fight Night 138 on just two-weeks notice and was rewarded with a unanimous decision victory.

Round One:

Lobov circling a lot in the opening minute of the first. Body punch for Johnson. Now one in return from Lobov. Back to the body punch from Johnson.

Clipping right hand from Lobov. Leg kick from Lobov after being grazed by a right hand. Rangey body strike for Johnson.

Leg kick for Johnson. Leg kick for Lobov. Another leg kick for him and Johnson connects with a left hand counter. Light leg kick from Lobov.

Johnson continually landing the straight punch to the body. Leg kick for Johnson. Left hand connects during a flurry from Johnson.

Now a right hand for Johnson. Lobov steps in and lands an uppercut. Solid body kick from Lobov.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Johnson. Jab for him. Leg kick and then just misses with a punch behind it. Lobov looking to pressure. Johnson with a body punch. Left hand from Lobov.

Body shot for Johnson. Jab for Lobov. More single body shots from Johnson. Overhand attempt. Body punch from Lobov now.

Good head movement to avoid a few punches from Johnson. Johnson lands a strike and Lobov looked like he wobbled there, but tried to make out as if it didn’t hurt him. Body kick for Lobov. Left hook for Lobov.

Leg kick for Johnson. Left hand for him as Lobov looks for a counter hook. Left and a right for Johnson. Lobov threatening with the hook.

Leg kick for Lobov. Hook for Johnson. Short flurry of punches from Johnson and Lobov was looking to return fire too. Johnson with a cut near his eye as the round comes to a close.

Round Three:

Leg kicks for Johnson. Now a body punch. He’s working the jab more now. Lobov not pressuring as much. Leg kick for Lobov. Now one for Johnson.

Spinning kick misses from Lobov. Straight left for JOhnson. Lobov working the hook. Leg kick for Johnson. Tries for a head kick but nothing doing.

Big left hook for Johnson, but Lobov takes it. Jab for Johnson. Nice counter right from Johnson. Now a leg kick and then to the body with a punch. Johnson too quick for Lobov at the moment and showing superior movement.

Left hand for Johnson. He ducks under a punch. Lobov lunging in with punches that don’t land. Jab lands for JOhnson and Lobov goes to his knees for a moment and then stands insisting he’s not hurt.

Johnson in on a nice takedown with a little over 30 seconds remaining. Lobov trying for a kimura, but Johnson stays on top until the end of the round.


Johnson was the slicker fighter here when it mattered and stepped things up in the third round en-route to a unanimous decision victory (29-28 x2, 30-27).

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