Michal Oleksiejczuk KO’s Cody Brundage Result At UFC Fight Night 216

Michal Oleksiejczuk was taken down early by Cody Brundage tonight at UFC Fight Night 216, but managed to get on top himself later in the round and made it count with big ground-and-pound for a TKO finish.

Round One:

Oleksiejczuk with a quick left hand. Brundage moves into range and lands a nice takedown. Oleksiejczuk wants to use the cage to stand, but Brundage goes to his back and drags him back down.

Oleksiejczuk battles back to his feet again and gets dragged down again immediately. Brundage turning him away from the cage, but then Oleksiejczuk is able to push off the cage and turn into him to get on top and immediately starts to land a few ground-and-pound strikes from in his guard.

Nice work from Oleksiejczuk, already cancelling out Brundage’s early control by actually landing some meaningful offense.

Oleksiejczuk with a big left hand that seems to hurt Brundage and follows up with hammerfists. He’s moving to side control now and lands another heavy blow at the same time.

Brundage looks on the verge of unconsciousness here as Oleksiejczuk continues to unleash more strikes and the ref dives in to end the fight for a TKO finish just 3.16mins into the opening round.

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