Mike Malott Finishes Adam Fugitt With Guillotine Choke At UFC 289

Mike Malott earned his 3rd UFC win in a row tonight at UFC 289 with a second round submission finish of Adam Fugitt.

Round One:

Fugitt with a calf kick. He misses with a head kick attempt. Solid body kick from Malott and Fugitt was visibly hurt by that.

Malott connects but Fugitt is hanging tough. An exchange in close and Malott lands a punch. Malott back to the body kick.

Fugitt misses with a head kick again. Another body kick for Malott. Straight right for Fugitt. Body kick from Malott comes off the arm.

Malott slips for a moment but is ok. Solid body kick from Malott after another kick may have strayed to the groin, but Fugitt is fine to continue straight away.

Fugitt attempts a takedown but it’s Malott who turns the tables and slickly bring him down instead. Malot in half-guard now, but Fugitt gets his full guard back and Malott opts to stand over him. Fugitt kicks him away and stands.

Body kick from Malott as Fugitt lands a punch. Malott misses a head kick behind a couple of punches. Push kick from Fugitt, but Malott catches it and brings him down in the center of the Octagon.

Fuitt with butterfly guard and now looking to land a few elbows from his back in the closing seconds of the round.

Round Two:

Malott comes up short on a head kick attempt. Left hand for Fugitt. Fugitt misses on a head kick.

Malott bursts forward quickly and blasts Fugitt with right and left hooks to send him to his knees rocked. Malott immediately going for a guillotine choke and moves to mount with it to leave Fugitt no option but to tap out. Great performance from Malott here and caps it off with the submission finish at 1.06mins of Rd2.

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