Mike Perry Brutally KO’s Jake Ellenberger With An Elbow At UFC Fight Night 108

Mike Perry handed Jake Ellenberger a particularly brutal knockout tonight at UFC Fight Night 108 via a second round elbow strike.

Round One:

Perry starts with a kick, but Ellenberger responds by landing an early takedown. He only keeps him down for about 20 seconds though until Perry finds a way back to his feet.

Push kick to the body from Perry. Now he’s working a couple of leg kicks, then back to the body.

Right hand for Perry. Body kick for Ellenberger. He lands a punch then misses with a couple of winging hooks behind it.

Perry comes up short with a punch and a head kick attempt, but lands a quick leg kick. Now he tries for an oblique kick.

At close range now Ellenberger thinks about a takedown, but then opts not to go ahead with it and they break apart. Soon after Perry tries to back Ellenberger up to the cage, but he’s unsuccessful.

Body kick for Perry. Now one in return from Ellenberger that lands hard. Perry leaps into a knee to the body. Couple of missed punches from Perry and Ellenberger then takes him down.

Perry immediately back to his feet though. Perry lands a jab and stuffs a takedown to end the round.

Round Two:

Kick for Ellenberger and a punch for Perry. Two-piece combo for Ellenberger. He tries to flurry now and Perry briefly backs up.

Perry bleeding from the nose now, but soon after he lands a big left hook that drops Ellenberger.

Ellenberger able to get back up, but as they clinch up, Perry creates just enough distance to unleash a vicious elbow strike to the head and it knocks Ellenberger out cold!

Huge highlight-reel win for Perry here, while Ellenberger suffers another tough loss – his seventh from his last nine fights.

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