Misha Cirkunov Submits Jimmy Crute With Peruvian Neck Tie Submission At UFC Fight Night 158

Misha Cirkunov showed off his strong submission game tonight at UFC Fight Night 158 as he caught Jimmy Crute in a first-round Peruvian neck tie submission in the opening round.

Round One:

Cirkunov with a big head kick attempt to start. Crute going for hard kicks too early here. Now Cirkunov goes for a powerful takedown and lands it.

Cirkunov in half guard here. He’s trying to get the crucifix position here. Nothing doing for now, but he goes for it again and it’s closer this time, but still doesn’t work out.

Third time lucky as Cirkunov does finally get the cruficix. Just as it looks as if he’s settling for that he opts to move to full mount.

Bad spot for Crute, but he manages to power out of it and back to his feet. Crute lands a hook at close range and then bundles Cirkunov to the mat. He lands some ground and pound strikes here.

A scramble and still Crute is chipping away with solid ground and pound, and Cirkunov is bleeding a little around the eye.

However, Cirkunov picks his moment to suddenly sweep on top and starts landing punches of his own. Crute gets to his knees, but Cirkunov is all over him and goes for a rarely utilized Peruvian necktie.

Crute trying to roll out of this choke, but Cirkunov is locked in tight and flows with him and ends up mounting him with the choke still in place to force the tapout! Great submission finish for Cirkunov at 3.38mins of the first round.

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