Mizuki Inoue Defeats Wu Yanan By Split Decision At UFC Fight Night 157

Mizuki Inoue defeated Wu Yanan by split decision at UFC Fight Night 157 in China today.

Round One:

a feeling out process on the feet to start. Inoue tries to go in on a takedown attempt, but it’s stuffed. Wu comes up short with a front kick upstairs.

Overhand appears to get through partially for Inoue as Wu steps into her range. Another right hand connects for Inoue against her taller opponent as she pushes the pace early.

Inoue lands a left hand. One-two for Wu and a counter punch from Inoue. solid body shot and then one upstairs from Wu.

Inoue clinches and lands a hook. Back to striking range. Inoue clinches again and lands another two hooks before separating.

Straight right again landing for Inoue. Wu struggling to really make effective use of her height and reach advantange so far, though she does try to unleash a late flurry of punches before the round ends.

Round Two:

The right hand that’s been effective for Inoue so far lands again. Two more solid connections for her with that same punch and Wu lands a leg kick.

Wu in the clinch landing a knee. Inoue thinking about a takedown, but Wu marches her over to the cage in a standing guillotine. Inoue easily out of that though.

In close Wu lands a nice elbow. Body punch for Inoue. Clinch and a good hook and two elbows land for Inoue. Back to the right hand she goes.

Body punch for Inoue as she ducks under Wu’s punches. Jab for Inoue. Knees exchanged in another clinch and then Inoue lands a nice hook on the way out.

Body punch again for Inoue. Failed takedown attempt from Wu. Right hook for Inoue. Wu still struggling to hit the target with any kind of regularity.

Inoue trying for a trip takedown, but unable to get her ground game going here against the bigger woman. Crisp straight right for Inoue as the round comes to a close.

Round Three:

Jab for Inoue. Another punch lands as Wu unsuccessfully comes in for a takedown. Leg kick for Wu. Jab for Inoue. Right hand connects.

Stepping jab for Inoue. Wu gets in solidly on a takedown attempt, but Inoue still manages to defend it well. They clinch up and Inoue lands the right hand.

They break up and then are soon back into the clinch again with half the round remaining. Elbow for Wu. They exchange a hook apiece.

Inoue presses Wu to the cage. Knee to the body for Wu, elbow from Inoue as they break. Left hand for Wu.

Inoue socks Wu with that right hand. Another big punch lands cleanly. And again. Wu fires back. Body kick for Wu.

One-two for Inoue. Two right hands land for Wu. Now a crisp punch for Wu as she starts to find the mark at last.

The fight is coming alive in the final seconds here as Wu continues to land solid straight punches and Inoue responds in kind, but this one is heading to the judges scorecards.


It seems a fairly straight-forward verdict is in order here with Inoue clearly having landed the cleaner shots and pushed the pace throughout, but one judge does still see the fight in Wu’s favour. Nevertheless, it’s Inoue who emerges with the split decision victory (29-28 x2, 28-29).

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