Montserrat Conejo Beats Cheyenne Buys By Decision At UFC On ESPN 21

Montserrat Conejo was able to control Cheyenne Buys on the mat for long periods tonight at UFC On ESPN 21 to ensure a unanimous decision victory in her debut.

Round One:

Exchange straight away in the center of the Octagon and Buys connects. Conejo gets her to the cage and is working the clinch, but Buys reverses it.

Conejo continues to work though and gets a head and arm throw to bring down Buys. Conejo lands a few punches as she continues to stay in the scarf hold position.

Buys manages to improve her position a little, hooking one leg, but she’s still unable to escape and is getting peppered with light punches.

Final minute of the round and Buys is trying very hard to figure a way out of this hold. It takes until the final few seconds of the round before she does get free and hops onto Conejo’s back, but there’s no time left to get anything going.

Round Two:

Right hand for Buys. She unleashes a slick combo of aggressive punches and a kick in there too.

They exchange again at close range, but nobody lands as meaningfully this time. Straight punch for Buys. Conejo punches frantically into range and clinches up against the cage.

Buys looking for the head and arm throw again, but Buys reverses the clinch position. Now Conejo does execute that head and arm throw again and Buys herself right back in this uncomfortable scarf hold position with a few minutes of the round still to go in the round.

Buys again able to hook a leg to take some pressure off. There’s a scramble and for a moment Conejo seems to have a more advantageous position to work for a submission, but then Buys counters by working her legs up to the face of her opponent.

Buys able to escape and back to her feet, but it’s not long before she’s back down again in exactly the same position. However, this time Buys does manage to squeeze her head out of the hold and gets on top with some time remaining in the round.

Buys able to get to full mount now and goes to work with some big ground and pound blows in the final seconds.

Round Three:

Missed head kick attempt from Buys. She does land a hard straight right though. Buys motions Conejo to stand and trade in the center, but then has to go towards her and lands another straight punch.

Glancing punches from Buys. Now misses from both ladies. Buys with the right hand again. Missed kick from Conejo.

Body kick for Buys. Jab from Conejo. In close range Buys lands a nice knee to the body. leg kick for Conejo.

Right hand for Buys. She lands a harder one. Conejo trying to go for the head and arm throw again. She doesn’t get it first time, but quickly readjusts and then muscles Buys down to the mat again with this position.

Not good news for Buys, but just as things are looking bleak for her she manages to roll on top. There’s another scramble though and Conejo gets back on top in her opponent’s full guard this time.

Buys frustrated and landing a few punches to the body. Conejo returns fire and they start essentially all-out brawling on the mat in the final seconds of the round!

It’s all got a bit overheated out there and they confront each other after the final bell and then exchange insults as they are pulled apart. Nevertheless, we’re headed to a decision!


Buys had her moments on the feet here, but Conejo’s control on the mat ensures she emerges with a unanimous decision victory (29-28 x2, 29-27). Tough night for Buys after her husband also lost in his UFC debut earlier in the evening as well.

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